Artist Statement -

I am a full time visual Artist.


Professional Member of Visual Artists Ireland - VAI.

Member The Artists’ Resale Right (ARR) (Droit de Suite) In Ireland - IVARO.

Chairman of the Andalusian International Artists Group - AIA-Group - PAIA.

Member Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores - AEPE.

Member Asociación de Acuarelistas de Málaga - AAM..

Member of NADFAS - Costa del Sol Decorative and Fine Arts Society.

I am a Professional Member of the Sculptors' Society of Ireland Ltd. (aka Visual Artists Ireland)

Member of Ivaro � the Irish Visual Artists�Rights Organisation.

Visual Artists Ireland is core funded by the Arts Council /An Chomhairle Eala�on and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Visual Artists Ireland is the trading name of the Sculptors' Society of Ireland Ltd.

I am currently Chairman of the Andalusian International Artists Group

I am a former CEO in a voluntary capacity of Very Special Arts, Ireland, - part of the International Charity founded by the sister of the late President of the United States of America, J F Kennedy, and former US Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, Jean Kennedy Smith in 1975.

I was a Board member of Eucrea Ireland Ltd.
(ref part of the Helios programme)

I am a Professional Member of Visual Artists Ireland and Chairman of the Andalusian International Artists Group.

I paint on the theme of the writings and wanderings of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Miguel de Cervantes and on specific themes. I have a special interest in combining literature and painting. I put my spin and interpretation on what I read.

I have enjoyed a lifetime association with the works of James Joyce and try to encourage others to take an interest in his works.

I also paint on the theme of the River Gods of Ireland that were commissioned by James Gandon in 1780 for the Custom House in Dublin.

I have painted on the theme of Samuel Beckett, Charles Stewart Parnell, Shakespeare, Cervantes and others.

Drop me a line sometime!

Artist Exhibitions


Casa de la Cultura, Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain.

Casa Cultura, La Cala de Mijas, Málaga, Spain.

Casa de la Cultura, Competa, Málaga, Spain.

ArtBelow, London Underground, Westminster, UK.

Fortunes Rocks, Guntersville, AL., USA.

gallery Sigvardson, Rodby, Denmark.

Starbucks, Dublin, Ireland.

GUN CLUB. Marbella Gun and Country Club at Monda - Now On

SUAZÉN, Home Decor Los Boliches. Now On

Dublin, Ushers Island, - James Joyce House of The D ead - Now On

ARTROGER - Galeria Lucia, Fuengirola, Spain.

The Gallery Bar - 24, Calle Marquez, (between Picasso Square & Hotel Pirámides), Fuengirola.


Spanish Collection

Solo Exhibition at Galería LUCIA, Puebla Lucia, Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain - during October.

Cocktail 7-9 Oct 5th - - Also on display - Small Abstract paintings.

Various exhibitions.

Preview 2007 - New.

Terenure College Fundraising May 11-13.

Purely Art website features Roger�s work. - 2007

SUAZ�N, Home Decor, Los Bolices. Now On

Steps Art Gallery, Dublin. Now On

Starbucks, College Green, Dublin. Now On

James Joyce House of The Dead Now On

2007 - MoMo vegetarian art cafe, Fuengirola - Proxima marzo y abril.

Current Events

Press release

Exhibition at Galeria Lucia
AIA - Andalusian International Artists Group

Tripping the Light Fantastic.
Exhibition Dates
October 14, 2006 - November 04, 2006
Saturday 14th, OCT, 2006 1-4 PM
Calle Maestra Azpaizu, Puebla Lucia, Fuengirola. (Up from the three horse fountain).
Gallery Hours
Monday - Saturday 1pm-9pm
Directions: From Fuengirola train station go towards Los Bolices but take the first turn left at the fountain, 100m. Lucia is 200m. up the road on the left hand side.
Tripping the Light Fantastic 2006: Roger Cummiskey and Jane Gomis.
Press Release

Artist Jane Gomis creates images that sprawl across decades. Like Cezanne before her, she chooses subjects imbued with the depth and complexity of age, such as the rusted patina of a forgotten pipe, or the gnarled creases of knotted driftwood and floral arrangements in an individualistic style. These subjects present the paradox of an immediate representation of time passing, and this juxtaposition creates a work of enormous complexity. Gomis´s compositions are sometimes abstract, allowing the viewer to interpret the scene independent from the actuality of the objects depicted. Powerful gestures such as these cause Jane Gomis's paintings to transcend the simple depiction of reality, and allow the artist to use her subjects to create a unique and complex statement of her own.

Roger Cummiskey´s paintings capture moments of quiet intensity and undiscovered beauty. Abstract oil paintings dominate this exhibition. They were all created in 2006 in Spain and reflect a new era in Cummiskey´s work that up to now has primarily been executed in watercolour. His use of primary colours lends an air of nostalgia to his pictures, which distinguishes his work and creates a sense of timelessness. Cummiskey’s compositions often capture the viewer’s attention with their simple, recognizable scenes, drawing the viewer’s attention to unexpected textures, nuances of shadow and brilliant bits of light. Roger Cummiskey in terms of his ability is able to transform ordinary scenes of human life into moments ripe with dramatic possibility. Roger Cummiskey lives and works in Mijas Costa, Spain where he says he is able to find the “daily poetry� which inspires his art.

Established 1991, Lucia Gallery is a fine art gallery and restaurant dedicated to the promotion of national and international artists, providing fine art to established and new collectors and catering to special events in support of fine art. It is also a popular Scandinavian restaurant with a unique menu.
Calle Maestra Azpaizu, Puebla Lucia, Fuengirola. (Up from the three horse fountain). Tel. 952 592 652 Hours: Mon - Sat, 1pm - 9pm

Image enclosed: Oil, Curlique - gold and blue.

EVENT NAME: Gateway to the Quarter

DESCRIPTION: York's first outdoor digital urban art gallery, The Gateway to the Quarter, will be located in Finkle Street, opposite Victor J's Art Bar. Two video projectors and screens will showcase local, national and international work from the fields of digital film, art and animation. The Gateway to the Quarter also will provide a platform for local community arts projects.

"Gateway to the Quarter" will be a permanent installation.

Site: Finkle Street, opposite Victor J�s Artbar

"Gateway to the Quarter" has been commissioned by the York Renaissance Project, which aims to refresh, re-interpret and breathe new life into York's historic urban environment while inspiring and showcasing the creative talent within the city. The project is supported by funding from the regional development agency Yorkshire Forward and is delivered through a partnership with the City Council and the First Stop York Tourism Partnership, conservation groups within York and by a panel of experts selected from the City�s creative industries. For further information on Renaissance: Illuminating York visit:

DATES & TIMES: 1 Oct 2006

ADDRESS & LOCATIONS: 1a Finkle Street, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8RW

CONTACT INFORMATION: Info line: 01904 621756
Web site:

PRICES & ADMISSION : Free of charge

Roger Cummiskey ( is delighted to have his work represented at this event.
29 September 2006.

Marbella Gun and Country Club. Ongoing. GUN CLUB

Chiropractor M.Dahl, Fuengirola. Ongoing.

The Riviera Gallery, Fuengirola, Spain. Ongoing.

James Joyce - the Pluralist

The James Joyce House of "The Dead". Ongoing.


Custom House, Dublin. Ongoing.

Starbucks, College Green, Dublin. Ongoing.

Thank you for the Publicity!

Upcoming Events

Gazpacho Gallery, La Cala de Mijas Until June 15.

Gallery Van Gestel, Marbella. 19 June-15 July.

Bar Ahti, Tarifa. June 24th.

Casa Correos, Alora, Sept-Oct

Casa de la Cultura, Competa, November.

AIA-Group members at The Gallery, Fuengirola March 4-30; 19.30 M-S.

AIA-Group Galeria LUCIA, Fuengirola Jan & Feb. Joint exhibition with Bettina Eriksen (Denmark).

The Riviera Gallery, Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain.
Continues until July 2006.

The James Joyce House of "The Dead". 15 Usher's Island, Dublin.
Continues through 2006.


June - Bloomsday 100 at Airfield House, Dublin

September - ReJoyce 2004 at The Roxy, Edinburgh, Scotland.


June - A Stroll Thro' Ulysses, Bloomsday 2003 at the Bank of Ireland Arts Centre, Foster Place, Dublin.

May - A Stroll Thro' Ulysses at the County Museum, Monaghan, Ireland.

July - Selection of paintings at the Boyle Arts Festival 2003.

December - Selection of paintings (representing Ireland) at the Florence Biennale, Italy.

In the heart of the Hibernian Metropolis, Thomas Street, Old Dublin.

Bloomsday 2002

The Wig and Pen Lounge Bar hosts a selection of Roger's paintings based on the theme of James Joyces Ulysses.

Opening address: Michael Jordan.
June 13th to 27th 2002.

"A Stroll Thro' Ulysses, Bloomsday 2002."

June 1st to June 17th, 2002.

Airfield House, Upper Kilmacud Rd., Dundrum,Dublin 14, Ireland.

Opening address: Ruairi O Cuiv, Independent Curator.

The United Nations Building, New York, USA, group exhibition July/August 2000. Opening address Kofi Annan.

The World Trade Centre Stockholm, Sweden, group exhibition March 2000.

The Mall Galleries, London, UK, group exhibition February 2000.
patron HRH Prince Charles.

The Bank of Ireland Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland, solo exhibition June, 1999. Opening Lord Mayor of Dublin.

The South Bank Gallery, Scotsman's Bay, Sandycove, Co Dublin, Ireland, solo exhibition February 1999. George Lee opens....

Artist Publications

Dabbling with Paint: Breaking into the Art World

Aesthetica mMgazine image feature 2006, Issue 12.

Featured on radio, Mary Harbo Show. July 2005.

Featured in Spanish Magazine July edition 2005.

Featured on radio, Mary Harbo Show. May 2005.

Featured on the RTE Radio One show "Rattlebag". June 2003.

Featured on the Newstalk 106 radio show. June 2003.

Dublin watercolourist illuminates the joy of Joyce!

By Peter Hughes, The Northern Standard Newspaper, 15/05/2003.

The devotion of Dublin watercolourist Roger Cummiskey to illuminating the life-affirming themes that stand out vividly in the writings and personal history of James Joyce has resulted in a striking assemblage of paintings which can be enjoyed to their fullest advantage in the gallery of Monaghan Co Museum at present.

The exhibition "A Stroll Thro' Ulysses", a new collection of watercolours which Cummiskey has assembled on Joycean themes, remains on show until May 30 at the Museum at Monaghan Town's Hill Street.

Town of Monaghan Co-op Chief Executive Vincent Gilhawley performed the official opening of the exhibition on Thursday last.

Such occasions can carry their share of loneliness and trepidation for the visiting artist, but Roger and wife Dolores were protected from such hazards by a warm phalanx of the friends they have forged in Monaghan in recent years through Roger's association with the Rossmore Golf Club.

The fund-raising campaign three years ago to assist young Ballinode fire injury victim Mark Monahan received the considerable boost of a donation by Roger of one of his Joyce-inspired works, which was auctioned and raised substantial funds for that cause.

Cummiskey's impressive work seeks to celebrate some of the preoccupations of the writer who penned in Ulysses what is arguably both the most influential and the most intimidating novel produced by an Irish writer. The psychological depths of Joyce's characterisations are explored in paintings reflective of the texts of Ulysses and Dubliners in the main, but the powerful pillars in the books of women and drink are accorded a due and pleasing prominence.

The artist is obviously a Joyce zealot, but he doesn't climb into a pulpit in his attempts to convert us. Indeed, speaking at last Thursday's official opening, Cummiskey seemed keen to sweep away the off-putting influence of Joyce's huge reputation. Many, indeed, would have been nodding in sympathy with Vincent Gilhawley when he confessed to getting as far as Page Two of Ulysses when he attempted the book as a 20-year-old.

"I left Leopold Bloom to carry on his voyage of discovery without me at that stage," Mr. Gilhawley said. "I realised it may have been the greatest book of the century, but I reverted back to Spike Milligan. For me it was a stagger through "Puckoon" rather than a "Stroll Thro' Ulysses"!"


But to Roger Cummiskey, while Joyce in general and Ulysses in particular is "a bit mystifying when you start off", he described Ulysses at its heart as being "a lovely story about three people: an ordinary salesman selling advertising copy for The Freeman's Journal, his wife Molly Bloom who is having an affair with Blazes Boylan, and Stephen Dedalus who is in effect the young James Joyce."

He added: "The story is basic and simple, and a good one."

All three protagonists themselves stroll through this exhibition as prominently as their creator. Molly is particularly vividly manifest: in "Waiting For Blazes", she is depicted nude letting the varnish dry on the nails of her extended fingers, the pose at once delicate and predatory. We also see her as a young girl in Gibraltar, where "I knew more about men when I was 15 than they'll all know at 50."

We see Stephen Dedalus magnificently minuscule, striding the eternity of Sandymount Strand. Leopold Bloom wanders the same landscape, and is seen in reproduction of a caricature by Joyce himself.

And the author is everywhere, dandified here, despairing there,
rendered in abstract and "pop art" and caught superbly in one heart-rending portrait, at a low ebb in Trieste.

"Ulysses the book celebrates probably the most famous first date ever in the world," Roger Cummiskey stated, relating the narrative to the formative days of the relationship between Joyce and Nora Barnacle.

"James Joyce at 22 years old was a very bright young man walking around town in Dublin with a sailor hat that he had acquired, and a pair of runners which at the time were very avant garde. He had electric blue eyes.

"When he saw a woman with auburn hair on the street he went up to her and asked her for a date and she agreed. But Nora then went back to Finn's Hotel where she worked as a chambermaid and had second thoughts and didn't turn up.

"Joyce wrote her a note stating that he would like to meet her, which he eventually did on Thursday, June 16, 1904, which is the day on which Joyce built the whole book of Ulysses."


Joyce was a genius IN his time, not before his time, the artist emphasised.

In looking ahead to the centenary next year of the date on which the events of Ulysses unfold, Mr. Cummiskey said it would be celebrated all over the world, "from Melbourne to Miami, Alaska to Australia."

He acknowledged the existence of a Joyce industry, recommending visits to the Joyce Centre in North Great George's Street and the Martello Tower at Sandycove.

"I am only the painter," he said modestly, attributing the power of the images around him to the still compulsive allure exercised by the restless, pathfinding writer whom he refers to in a poem incorporated in several watercolours as "James Jaysas Joyce".

But acceptance of this statement would be to unfairly diminish the vivid and often elucidatory interpretations that comprise this exhibition, and the way in which it celebrates the territory of Ulysses and the physical and intellectual landscape James Joyce stalked like his alter ego Dedalus, walking into eternity....


Vincent Gilhawley expressed the view on Thursday night that Monaghan should be grateful to Roger Cummiskey for bringing his exhibition of paintings to Monaghan.

"The writings of Joyce are rather deep and he has translated these into accessible watercolour pictures," he stated. "Roger reflects in his paintings what Joyce so eloquently wrote."

Mr Gilhawley pointed to an interesting Co Monaghan connection with the inaugural Bloomsday celebrations in Dublin in 1958, when Patrick Kavanagh was one of the five literary figures who performed the re-enactment of Leopold Bloom's journey.

"We are privileged that we can stroll through Roger's paintings in the excellently appointed Museum. Roger is a regular visitor to Monaghan - he has been coming here for many years and has made many friends and acquaintances here."

Mr Gilhawley said he had come to know Roger when he (speaker) was Captain of Rossmore Golf Club. The members of the club thought of Roger as a wonderful raconteur and someone with a wonderful sense of humour and an excellent outlook on life.

In expressions of gratitude on Thursday night, Mr Cummiskey thanked Monaghan Co Museum Exhibitions Officer Liam Bradley and the museum staff for their beautiful presentation of the exhibition.

"You can be very proud of your Co Museum and I hope you all support it well into the future," he stated.

Thanking Mr Gilhawley for performing the official opening, Mr Cummiskey noted that Vincent had recently been appointed a Director of An Bord Báinne and congratulated him on that.

The artist also thanked his wife Dolores for the support she gave him in putting the exhibition together.

Roger exhibited at the Florence Biennial in December 2003. In this endeavour he was supported by Participation in the Biennale is by nomination only

Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy.


Artist Collections

Starbucks Coffee Store, Dublin.

Enterprise Ireland, Dublin, Tokyo, Paris.

Ballymore Homes, Dublin, Ireland.

Computer Associates

Diepetane International


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