Artist Statement -

Aryana B. Londir is an artist whose inspirations emanate directly from her personal growth and the spirituality she embraces on a daily basis. Contrast and balance, harmony and opposition are subjects that she is intrigued by; believing that we cannot live in a world without those elements, her artwork reflects this philosophy.

In viewing her work, one notices the distinction between organic and industrial; geometric and flowing shapes, as well as her vivid use of color and texture. Growing up in a rural area of Connecticut, Aryana felt solace in the natural environs of wooded areas, observing how things grew, changed and evolved; how brilliantly the sun shone, how lucid the colors of nature are, and how rapidly a day was able to evolve from dry to wet, grey to bright sky. Her travels to New York City exposed her to a completely different world of geometric shapes in the massive buildings of the city skyline; it is in this space of her imagination that she combines the two contrasting ideologies.

My work centers on balance, harmony and the integration of contradiction/contrast and the opposition of themes, color and form.

Line as a design element has intrigued me above and beyond other elements, with color as a close second. Line presents itself to me in countless ways; the natural environment of the wooded areas of Connecticut where I grew up; the Arizona landscape where I now live, with its saguaro cactus; in city skylines; in architecture; in the simple things like cooking utensils and building materials. Dividing lines in sidewalks, mortar lines in buildings; the list is endless.

I work in the abstract by choice; it challenges me, and invites the viewer to evoke their own personal experiences and emotions.

It is natural for me to create art quilts to integrate my love for line, color and composition, which allows me to compose in the larger scale I crave. I love the sensuous feel of fabric, the ease in which it is manipulated, and its ability to take color in dye and paint.

Combining contemporary materials with color, texture, and intuitive elegance, Aryana creates lasting works of beauty treasured and collected by many people around the world.

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