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Krista Morey's Main Portfolio Page
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Contact Information:
Krista Morey
Bozeman, MT
United States
Member Since: Sep 2000

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Artist Media:
Painting Oil (51)
Artist Statement:
It is through the impulsive
process of both my painting
style, and my imagination that
my paintings evolve.
Virtually no planning takes
place previous to the
fabrication of my work.
Preconceived ideas are not
involved. In a sense, the
paintings create themselves.

In the first stage, the under
painting is ...

Further Information

Artist Exhibitions:
Sweet Pea Festival Arts &
Craft Show; Bozeman, Montana,
USA; August 2,3, 2003.
Sweet Pea Festival Open Art
Show; Bozeman, Montana, USA;
August 1-23, 2002.
B.F.A. Exhibition held in the
Helen E. Copeland Gallery,
Montana State University;
Bozeman, Montana, USA; April
26 - May 7, 1999.

Further Information
Artist Galleries:
Franki Ro
802 N. Wallace
Bozeman, MT

CTA Architects
1143 Stoneridge
Bozeman, MT

Soucie Hair Salon
701 E. Mendenhall
Bozeman, MT...

Further Information
Artist Reviews:
Coming Soon!
Morbark Industries; Winn,
Library of The Morey
Foundation for Learning;
Winn, Michigan, USA
Stan Sobol; Saginaw,
Michigan, USA
Linda Morey; Mt. Pleasant,
Michigan, USA
Terra & Patrick Boone; Salt
Lake City, Utah, USA
Jessica & Micah Loring;
Denver, Colorado, USA
Lon Morey; Mt. Pleasant,
Michigan, USA
Michael & Monica Boone;
Louisville, Kentucky, ...

Further Information
Coming Soon!

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Here you will find more artwork by Krista Morey. Simply scroll down to see more works.

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Siamese Twins In Armor, 1999
Oil Painting
24 x 42 inches
Availability: Sold

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Butterfly Kisses, 1998
Oil Painting
48 x 72 inches

Price: US$ 3600
€: 2615
UK £: 1758
¥en: 439938

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Freedom From Rage, 1998
Oil Painting
36 x 48 inches

Price: US$ 1800
€: 1307
UK £: 879
¥en: 219969

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