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Krista Morey's Main Portfolio Page
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Contact Information:
Krista Morey
Bozeman, MT
United States
Member Since: Sep 2000

Artist's Biography

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Artist Media:
Painting Oil (51)
Artist Exhibitions:
Sweet Pea Festival Arts &
Craft Show; Bozeman, Montana,
USA; August 2,3, 2003.
Sweet Pea Festival Open Art
Show; Bozeman, Montana, USA;
August 1-23, 2002.
B.F.A. Exhibition held in the
Helen E. Copeland Gallery,
Montana State University;
Bozeman, Montana, USA; April
26 - May 7, 1999.

Further Information
Artist Galleries:
Franki Ro
802 N. Wallace
Bozeman, MT

CTA Architects
1143 Stoneridge
Bozeman, MT

Soucie Hair Salon
701 E. Mendenhall
Bozeman, MT...

Further Information
Artist Reviews:
Coming Soon!
Library of The Morey
Foundation for Learning;
Winn, Michigan, USA
Spanish Peaks Brewery;
Bozeman, Montana, USA
Sweet Pea Cafe; Bozeman,
Montana, USA
Soucie's Hair Salon; Bozeman,
Montana, USA
Stan Sobol; Saginaw,
Michigan, USA
Linda Morey; Mt. Pleasant,
Michigan, USA
Terra & Patrick Boone; Salt
Lake City, Utah, USA
Jessica & Micah ...

Further Information
Coming Soon!

Artist Statement for Krista Morey

It is through the impulsive process of both my painting style, and my imagination that my paintings evolve. Virtually no planning takes place previous to the fabrication of my work. Preconceived ideas are not involved. In a sense, the paintings create themselves.

In the first stage, the under painting is created through a mostly thin application of color in a random manner. Using larger brushes, and a considerable amount of turpentine, the white void of the surface is extorted with color. When creating the under painting, I have no concept of exactly what imagery will come forth in later stages.

After the under painting is completed, I study what will be the underlying marks, and search for possible imagery that might already exist within the first thin layer of paint. It is at this point that the paintings are allowed to dictate their own initial content. A second layer consists mostly of a primary outlining of the images that are extemporaneously perceived. The images are reduced to fundamental linear symbols, often revealing solely a skeletal foundation pertainig to the mechanics of the semblance. Formal structuring is given only to the components that are necessary in implying the collective metaphor.

Color plays a huge part in the inspiration of my work. My imagery is born from the inital coloring stage of the under painting. Within the work, there is an overwhelming amount of varying color used to create visual illusion and invite emotional context. Form and space are implied through the interplay of color intervals. Relationships can be established with the harmonies and tensions of variations on color.

Through painting, my aim is to invent mysterious worlds full of color embellishment and strange life forms in a unique relationship. I hope to create a visual language that is unlike anything in our natural world, yet can be related to and contemplated by the people of our world.

The final result is a fresh reality that hopefully poses a sense of mystery, forcing the viewer to construe their own ideas about the narrative. It is not important to me, as the artist, that the viewer necessarily have knowledge of the actual experience or emotion which is relative to me, but rather, they make their own conclusions and identify the final work with their own vicissitudes.

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