Artist Statement -

My work illuminates an energetic state that exists yet is generally not seen. Movement as it is captured in space indicates pathways and an energy flow. Visualization of this movement brings to mind that which is not seen in the world but still exists.

I'm intrigued by the way simple lines can become complex structures and how complex structures can be reduced to simple lines. I choose to work in steel because it gives me the most immediate connection to my thoughts and the welding process allows me to quickly execute my ideas. The stability and the permanence of metal also gives me the capability to build with structural freedom. Steel rods can represent an single line allowing the negative space to become an important part of the sculpure and the bent steel rods create a fluidity that lets one forget that the structure is made of hard steel.

Artist Exhibitions

2016 David Bates exhibition, Saco, ME
2013 Frameworks, Kennebunk, ME
2013 Irving Gallery, Kennebunk, ME
2012 ADC 2012 show, Cincinnati, OH
2012 Wide Open Art Show, Brooklyn, NY
2011 York Art Abstract Show, York, ME First Place
2011 Materials Hard and Soft, Denton, TX
2011 Lines into Shapes, Estes Park, CO
2011 OPAL Show, Oak Park, IL
2010 Irvine Gallery, Kennebunk, ME
2005 SOFA New York, New York, NY
2005 Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX
2004 Cervini HaasGallery Materia, Scottsdale, AZ
2004 Las Cruces Museum of Fine Art, Las Cruces, NM
2004 WomanMade Gallery, Chicago, IL
2004 Texas National, Nacogdoches, TX
2003 One Renaissance Center, Solo show, Phoenix, AZ
2003 The Wills Creek Survey 2003, Cumberland, MD
2003 Arizona Biennial 03, Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ
2003 Midland Arts Association,, Museum of the Southwest,Midland, TX
2003 36th Annual Juried Exhibition, Masur Museum of Art, Monroe,LA 2003 Cycles, Patterns, Intervals, Fredericksburg, Virginia
2003 Don OMelveny Juried Competition 2003, West Hollywood, CA
2002 67th Annual National Exhibition of the Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown, New York
2002 Plain Arts IV International Juried Exhibition, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS
2002 Wayne Art Centers National Spring Open Juried Exhibition, Wayne, PA
2002 The Dishman Competition, Beaumont, Texas
2002 The Vase Competition,Peck Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island

Artist Publications

Andrea's energetic forms are like fluid, three-dimensional graphite drawings in tangible space. Sometimes a vortex of wind, other times like woven threads, her sculptural lines blend the contemporary sleekness of steel with the tactile sense of organic materials.
Wendy Haas, Cervini Haas Fine Art...

Artist Collections

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