Artist Statement

I first started painting decorative naive and modern art before moving to abstract in 2000. I now fashions myself as an expressionist abstract artist who have been actively involved in the art community for almost 20 years. Abstract expressionism is a form of art in which I express myself purely with the use of form and colour. It emphasized the depiction of emotions rather than the objects. Most artists of the movement favor large canvasses,dramatic colours and loose brushwork. It is also the art of the emotive, the art of tension provoked by consciousness of the forms which surround modern human kind.

Colours represent statement of life, harmony, survival and hope. My strong and bold colours form a scientific approach of healing minds and eyes colour theraphy. It also unwinds and exhilarates the mood of the viewers. This is a form of expressing inner feelings where I am not bound by formalities such as following and adhering to the rules and guidelines of shape and form as well as colours used.

I recently acquired and developed the MIND SKETCHING series - another journey of discovery indicating that everything we do it is started and initiated by our mind.

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