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Bálint Tisch is an East-Europe based artist/painter, music composer, sound designer. In several years he worked for some experimental theatre project, sound installation, sceno-phono project around europe. In 2014 He started "Pharma Kid" - fusion of the contemporary new media/code art and philosophical, improvised, generative noise music. He use only diy hardware synths, modular system and some stompbox for music side of the project, the visual side is computer based interactive and sound reactive system. He use open source environments like: pure data, processing, vvvv, max msp....

Bálint Tisch

Artist Exhibitions

2016. Ropes @ Lollipop FactoryBudapest
2015. Magyar Festészet Napja, Szép Műhely Galéria
2015. CCA Budapest PLAY
2014. CCA Budapest, Terrarium opening
2013. Hangszínhely I. @ Gyál
2012. A LOVAKAT LELÖVIK, UGYE @ Vígszínház Budapest
2010. MOIRE @ pepper art projects
2010. Zamárdi művésztelep
2009. Győr mediawave EroticArt
2009. Budapest MKE Barcsay terem
2009. Budapest BB galéria Vibrart
2008. Eger Templom galéria
2008. Eger Vitkovics ház
2008. Vam design galéria
2007. Eger Lyceum kápolna
2007. FISE galleria Budapest Matrices 2007
2006. Eger ifjúsági ház
2004. Freeport Csepel
2002. Pilisborosjenő
2000. Pilisborosjenő csoportos

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