Artist Statement -

Real rythem of life is Dance,
Real imajination of nature is Painting, and
Real dream of devotion is an Art.

I Samier bani suryavanshi from state JAMMU and KASHMIR INDIA am a son of a great artist Mr. Hiroo bani. I started performing arts very early in life.
I believe in spreading a message of sincere love, which is the sweetest gift of God.
In the field of Indian oriental art my works has earned much acclaim by the experts in the line.
As remarked, they say, that my works have a piercing and lucid quality having viberant colour combinations that highlight and dipcts the mood and the meaning very clearly.
In my paintings as a creative artist, I try to combine fantacy with the reality and aim at viberating the strings of melody in the hearts of the viewers.
I perform art in different media i.e. Oil, water colour etc. .
My topics include, apart from the message of love, the philosofical themes, the portraits, the landscapes etc.My contact Tel no is- (91)(0191)2505872.
e-mail at:

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