Artist Statement -

We can never really know the world. It has too many faces and is inexhaustible even if behind the façade it is really very small. We can only behold it and allow ourselves to fully drink in what unfolds before us. We can never fully see the world, instead we must be content with sensing its inchoate shapes and colors beyond what our physical senses can reveal. Painting like all art is suggestion. The unknown and mysterious world is revealed by art which points towards what the viewer may notice. Even though people for the most part don’t know it, they are staring into a void – a void that is everything and nothing, a pregnant emptiness. If you stare at a blank wall long enough you will begin to see things emerge like messages from a magic eight-ball. If you stare long enough mere images evolve into whole realities.
As an artist, as a painter, I suggest what you as an observer might notice as you unwittingly create your reality. I can help shape that reality to be more engaging and exciting. But since you as the observer are creating your own experience, I am ultimately serving as a mirror to reveal you to yourself. I am the master of ceremonies for a ritual in which you use my art to discover yourself.

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