Artist Statement -

My paintings are based on polarized opposites and the space between worlds. The process is intuitive although I consciously explore the relationships between opposite tendencies. Utilizing both hard-edged and loosely expressive techniques I explore how chaos and impulse find a sense of order and balance.

Through the use of an organic grid spilling onto the field of painterly marks below, pictorial space and surface tension are reconciled. The patterning elements are derived from such disparate sources as cellular microscopy, textile patterning, the decaying of a billboard ad and a childhood pre-sleep mental space. The paintings are an exploration of the micro / macro relationship of atomic structure with that of the broader external universe. It is a space not easily definable and uncertain--between wakefulness and sleep, expression and pattern, the synthetic and the organic.

I am the thing between the infinite that is both within and without. So is the painting. I try not to get in the way of the relationship my unconscious has to the forms in front of it and allowing that relationship to evolve and generate new possibilities is crucial to my work.
Impulse must be acted upon.

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