Artist Statement -

my art is a storytelling in visual images are my attempt to extricate memories from my past experiences as a child.i live in a coastal community where the daily toils of the fisher folks are my sources of inspirations.
beauty sometimes do not reconcile with certain aesthetics. but i found it in exploring realities,there is beauty in depicting the human conditions,the other side of happiness,the negative feelings as effected by pain and sufferings but unspoken.the best art in the world is not about happiness but its about depicting what happen to humanity.

Artist Exhibitions


2011 TREEbute, Palawan Museum, Philippines
Alay-Sining, Palawan Museum
KSK(konsyerto-sining-kalikasan),Kinabuch Grill, Palawan
2009 Shades of Summer, Ka Lui Restaurant, Palawan,Philippines
Elemento, Ka Lui Restaurant.
2008 Samut’sari, Puerto Princesa Sports Coliseum, Palawan
2007 pieces of ocean, Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri, Palawan
2006 panaghoy ng balabac, University of the Philippines,
House of Congress, Conspiracy Bar,
2005 panaghoy ng balabac, Palawan Museum
2004 pagtiremes(gathering)
2003 bagong likha, Casalinda Inn
2002 red seas, a protest art exhibition, Palawan Museum
reeflections, Provincial Capitol Lobby, Palawan
2001 woodworks and watercolors, Ka Lui Restaurant, Palawan
2000 APATNATAON(fourth year), Palawan Museum
decisive moments, Kamarikitan Kape at Galeri
SULYAP-PALAWAN, Provincial Capitol Lobby
1999 punla(seed), Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri
langeb-palawan, UP Vargas Museum, Holiday Inn,Manila
1998 pananaw(perspective), Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri, Palawan
inspirasyon, Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri, Palawan
sining sa ilang(art in the wilds),
Crocodile Institute Palawan
1997 palawan art exposition, Palawan Museum
impresyon: palawan, Palawan State University
samu’tsari, Palawan Museum
kakahuyan, Ka Lui Restaurant, Palawan


2004 SEAing, Kamarikuan Kape at Galeri, Palawan
1998 Tibur ATBP, Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri, Palawan
1996 Tibur (jars), Ka Lui Restaurant, Palawan


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