Artist Statement -

In my paintings, I am not exactly sketching the subject that I see. I paint what appears behind the husk of external form and show the essence of the matter. I try to capture the feel, the very aroma of such ephemeral things, as the light and atmosphere of landscapes and the present of something beautiful that only God can create.

I want to motivate people whose daily lives are enmeshed in complexities of the modern world, to stop for a moment and recall the purity and gentleness of nature, to enjoy the silence of it all.

Artist Exhibitions

Among Betty`s group exhibitions:

Beit Catz in Kiryat Bialik,
“The Kirya Artists” in Kiryat Motzkin,
Naval Museum in Haifa,
Art Center " Kriger" Haifa - “Israeli Landscapes”,
Gerar Bahar Theater, Jerusalem,
Baram Museum – "Artists of North",
Ein-Hod Village.

One-Person exhibitions:

Art Center of Tel Aviv-Jaffo,
Moshe Goshen Cultural Center in Kiryat Motzkin,
Haifa University Gallery,
Main Gallery in the Castra Art Center, Haifa,
Gerar Bahar Theater, Jerusalem,
International Congress Center in Haifa,
"ArtShop" Gallery, Zichron Ya`acov ,
"The Olive Press Gallery" and Main Gallery in Ein-Hod Village....

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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