Artist Statement -

The artists walk barefooted on the edge of knife and hurt to blood their naked souls

Artist Exhibitions

City exhibition “Victory day” (Lviv) 1993 - “Lviv Spring’93” - republican exhibition
1993 - solo exhibition in “Gothic Hall” gallery (Lviv) 1995 -solo exhibition in Actor House (Lviv), 1991-1996 - group exhibitions in Lviv
1999 - Import Shop Berlin 2000 - Import Shop Berlin
2000 - exhibition in Philadelphia art-gallery, USA 2001 - Art Deco Show - New York, USA
2001 - solo exhibition in Rivne, Ukraine, Pravex-bank
2001 - group exhibition in Studio 21, Nailsworth. Gl, England. UK
2001- group exhibition in Simpson&Jones Fine Arts gallery, Tetbury, GL, England, UK
2001 - Dragonflyproductions Art gallery, North Carolina, USA
2002 - Group exhibition in Tian Ren Art gallery, Shunde, China
2002 - solo exhibition in Tian Ren Art gallery , Shunde, China
2003 – group exhibition in Jianxi University Art Gallery, Nanchang, China
2004, 2005 – group exhibitions in Dinghai city, Zhoushan, Zheijiang, China
2005 – photo exhibition in Hanzhou city, Zheijiang ,China
2005- group exhibitions in Rivne, Ukraine, 2006 – group exhibition “St.Valentine’s day”, Rivne, Ukraine, 2006- group exhibitons in Rivne, Ternopil, Lutsk city art galleries
2006 – group show in the National Exhibition Hall, Kiyv
2006- solo exhibition, Rivne, Ukraine
2007 – 9th annual juried online International Art exhibition at, US. NE
2007 – Triennale , the National Exhibition Hall, Kiyv, Ukraine
2007 – group show, Artist of the month, Atticsalt Art-gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
2007 – 7th Painting and Sculpture Award finalist, Novara, Italy
2007 –Solo exhibition, National Artists Society Exhibition Center, Rivne, Ukraine
2008 – group exhibition Rivne, Ukraine
2008 – group exhibition. Lutsk, Ukraine
2008 – group exhibition Décor by Design gallery, Florida, USA
2009- group exhibition , “Days of Ukraine”, Poland
2009 – group exhibition Rivne, National Artists Society Exhibition Center, Ukraine

2007 – member of AIESM, International Association for Monumental Sculpture
2007 – member of the International Artists Guild, Rome, Italy
2007 - contest winner for the 1st International Sculpture symposium, Antaliya, Turkey
2007 – contest winner for the International Wax Sculpture Festival, Thailand
2008 –ISA member(International Society of Artists)
2008 – contest winner for 2nd International Marble Symposium Trakya University, Edirne, Turkey
2008 – member of National Artists Union of Ukraine.

Artist Publications

2001 – April issue of “Visiting Arts" British Art magazine
2001 May – Art World News, USA Art magazine
2001 September – Art World News, USA Art magazine
2001 October – Art World News, Art Trend USA Art magazines
2001 June – Limited edition of giclee prints “And slowly breathing mists and perfume…” I by Dragonflyproductions Inc. King, Northern Carolina, USA
Featured artist of April in (London based art gallery), contest between 300 European talented artists

Oleg Bezyuk was chosen as the best modern artist of the year 2001 in prestigious international contest

2007- July, Bangkok Post, Thailand
2007 – October, Antalya media, Tukey
2008- May-Edrine media, Turkey
2001-2009-articles in Ukrainian press

Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

Artist Favorites