Artist Statement -

Billie Jean (born in the 80's) is an italian artist and architect.
His artistic field is deeply linked to pop culture, which inspired his pseudonym (quoting a famous song of 1983 by Michael Jackson). It's also related to Pop culture the frequent use of symbols and themes already entered in collective imagination.
His works deal with various issues, which are inspired by political and social events, but also from the description of very personal moods.
His work tries to be a personal synthesis between pop art and street art, since several works are expressly designed to be painted on urban walls.
The main characteristic of the works of Billie Jean is the clean and bare style, usually just in black and white. Often lacking in details, his artworks reflect tragedies and discomforts of society through the simple sketch of the eyes.
The expressive drama of his works is sometimes underlined by using absurd and twisted perspectives that drag the viewer into an "impossible" and sometimes "dreamlike" world.
To get his stroke so essential, he uses the computer drawing, main technical characteristic of his paintings.
His artistic influences lie in 80s Pop Art (J.M. Basquiat, Keith Haring) and in contemporary street art (especially with the British artist Banksy), but there also are many similarities with the Dutch graphic artist MC Escher.

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