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Though they may seem simple, especially my drawings and intaglio prints but also my paintings are actually quite elaborate; half a year's work on an image is no exception for me. I draw directly or use small sketches, even doodles, as image-generating nuclei, often combining two or three that appear to complement each other. I rarely use concrete references, but rather work from inner visions. I tend to be narrative in my own art, perhaps poetic narrative. I don't see my images as telling a story but rather as reflections of inner feelings, similar to some poetry, and would like observers to read them as such. I like to believe that my work carries a certain mystery. My images are very much "inside out.� I have usually some idea of what I want to obtain, but much of the image is generated while I draw or paint. The end product always surprises me; I am often amazed that there even is an end product. Analyzing my own art is difficult but I think that the dreamlike images tend to deal with confined spaces which contain certain characters that reach out to one another but do not quite succeed in meeting, a reflection of this precarious balancing act that many of us have to deal with in our lifes.

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