Artist Statement -

Please check back soon. I am in the process of getting my artist statement finalized.

Artist Exhibitions

2011 Caratart, groupexhibition, Weil am Rhein, Germany
2011 IBUG, groupexhibition, Meerane, Germany
2010 CWO Citywatch Office, Atelierfrankfurt, groupexhibition, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2009 ”Doppelschicht” together with Natalie Goller, single show, Gallery Jens Fehring, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2009 Guitart-in an Absolut world, groupexhibition, Munich, Germany
2008 Sign-Sign Nature, organize, partizipate and curate the groupexhibition, Wiesbaden, Germany
2008 Luminale, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2008 SigNature Part 2, organize, partizipate and curate the groupexhibition, Hofheim, Germany
2008 „totalegal”, painting at the bridge Leuna, Frankfurt-Hoechst, Germany
2008 E = m x Phrix2, Light & darkness of the Einstein´s theory, groupexhibition, Hattersheim-Okriftel, Germany
2008 400ML Project, Maison des Métallos, groupexhibition, Paris, France
2008 Days of open studios, groupexhibition, Hofheim am Taunus, Germany
2008 Phrixmas, groupexhibition, Hattersheim-Okriftel, Germany
2007 Klo Nr. 2 mit Hans Leo Rohleder, Florian Heinke, Edwin Schäfer, Sandip Shah, Hans Petri, Jörg Simon, Nikolaus Heyduck, Dirk Krecker, Ralf Schmitt, Sandra Mann, Gallery Perpetuel, Frankfurt am Main, groupexhibition,Germany
2007 Phrixmas, groupexhibition, Hattersheim-Okriftel, Germany
2007 White gallery, groupexhibition, Cologne, Germany
2007 Days of open studios, groupexhibition, Hofheim am Taunus, Germany
2006 Nickel & Nickel lawyers, Single show, Hanau, Germany
2006 Allcitystyle Projekt-pimped subway trains, Germany
2006 Interdependenzen, groupexhibition, Offenburg, Germany
2005 ”Coolhunters” groupexhibition - at the ZKM / Staedtische Galerie, Karlsruhe, Germany and Kunsthaus Wien/Vienna, Austria
2005 Markant, groupexhibition, Darmstadt, Germany
2005 Frankfurt Booktown, Installation of a painted booksculpture in the public area, Frankfurt, Germany
2004 13 days between, groupexhibition, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2003 Still crazy, Klingspormuseum, groupexhibition Offenbach, Germany
2003 Mauritiusgalerie, singleexhibition, Wiesbaden, Germany
2003 Kunstschlacht, Schlachthof, groupexhibition, Offenbach, Germany
2002 Zeilgalerie, singleexhibition, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2000 Just writing my name, groupexhibition, Bremen, Germany
2000 Graffiti 2000, groupexhibition Rote Fabrik, Zuerich, Switzerland
1999 Graffiti 2000, Shedhalle, groupexhibition, Zuerich, Switzerland
1999 Crazy Colors, KFZ, groupexhibition, Marburg, Germany
1998 ITA gallery, groupexhibition, Lucerne, Switzerland
1998 Open air gallery Parterre Kulturraum, groupexhibition, Lucerne, Switzerland
1997 Krautsalat, groupexhibition, Frankfurt, Germany
1997 Aufstand der Zeichen, Toskanische Saeulenhalle, groupexhibition, Augsburg, Germany
1997 Ritzenhoff Graffiti-Milkglascollection, Limited edition, Marsberg 1997, Germany
1996 Art Fair Frankfurt, organize, partizipate and curate the groupexhibition, OXYGEN-Stand, Germany
1994 Spring Jam 2, groupexhibition, Frankfurt, German
1993 Eastside Galery, Berlin, Germany
1993 Galeria Nova Visualidade, groupexhibition, Frankfurt, Germany
1992 Wunderbar, singleexhibition, Frankfurt-Hoechst, Germany
1992 Coming from the dark, groupexhibition, Kommunikationsfabrik Frankfurt, Germany
1991 Café Flot, singleexhibition, Hofheim/Ts., Germany
1990 Vonderaumuseum, singleexhibition, Fulda, Germany
1989 Euro Graffiti Union, groupexhibition, Karlsruhe, Germany


Artist Publications

BOMBER, graffiti artist and designer in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

After already causing a stir at an early stage with his graffiti and after completing university, Bomber also made a name for himself as a networker: in the nineties, he organized many events that provided graffiti artists with a forum. His good contacts in the scene then led to the world’s first agency for graffiti art and the establishment of the “Headlab” advertising agency. After national and international exhibitions, Bomber has now returned to his artistic roots: his impulsive handwriting represents an independent European graffiti style.

text by Sieger Design for Ritzenhoff milkglas series...

Artist Collections

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Deutsche Telekom, Darmstadt, Germany
Heyne Kunst Fabrik, Offenbach, Germany...

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