Artist Statement -

Post modern motifs concepts of my Paintings sublimate and reflects a long period of introspection as well as observation of sociological and cultural phenomenon and patterns, characteristic for the Local and Global environment, and all that has been constantly provoked, contrasted and crossbred with layers of previous experiences, various cultural phenomenon and patterns.

My paintings possess almost Surrealistic contrasts between Ancient artifacts quotes and elements of the Modern World, thus creating vibrant, yet introverted and contemplative atmosphere. The paintings main motif characteristic is manipulation with ancient Greek artifacts mainly sculptures, statues or their fragments combined and opposed to the almost abstract, dreamlike, multi plan backgrounds, composed of various surfaces and details consisted of concrete and abstract geometrical forms, depicting partially ambient of modern down town buildings and dehumanized office spaces, modern war game toys and other technological symbols of New 21st Century Era.
All that is imbued with full spectra of vivid, yet regarding tonality, somber color values, as discrete announcement and distant reflection of the Past and the Present.

Miroslav Boskov

Artist Exhibitions

Gallery Dioni, Larnaka - Cyprus, March - April 1995.

Gallery of People's University Kolarac, Belgrade - Serbia, October 1984.

Galleries of JNA, Postoina - Slovenia, June 1980;
Koper - Slovenia, April 1980. god.

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