Artist Statement -

Ever since I remember myself as a person I dealt with my life by isolating myself and creating.For me the painting is not just a creative discipline, it’s a vocation. To be able to deliver my visions and fantasies to the world, I trained myself in the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig, Germany.
My perception of the world is always from a comical point of view. I have reached the conclusion for myself, that what matters the most ,is the human ability to laugh.
I am using the grotesque as a tool of a social commentary, not to criticize , but to amuse and entertain.
In most of my work I take inspiration from the beauty of the Montreal, its streets, buildings and people. Cafe scenes, clowns, magicians,singers,artists,families walking their dogs,coaches riding around are all funny,happy and exciting models for my work.The choice of the characters is influenced by my understanding of the world which I see through the eyes of a child.The people and animals in my paintings are always happy and ready to enjoy every little bit of their lives. Their appearances and clothing are not related to any particular time period and that is what makes these characters universal.
As a part of a creative process I am using my camera to record a possible scene and then to work and rework the row material into a painting ,which bears very little resemblance to its source. I draw on a coloured board with water-colour pastels, just to catch the general idea ,composition and colours. After that I am using transparent acrylic colours which I blend with pastels. The final step is executed with oil pastels and oil colours , in order to refresh the painting and to finish the details . Then the work is protected by special UV varnish .

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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