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Junk Fleet
(Word History: The word junk is an example of the change in meaning known as generalization, and very aptly too, since the amount of junk in the world seems to be generalizing and proliferating rapidly. The Middle English word jonk, ancestor of junk, originally had a very specific meaning restricted to nautical terminology. First recorded in 1353, the word meant "an old cable or rope." On a sailing ship it made little sense to throw away useful material since considerable time might pass before one could get new supplies. Old cable was used in a variety of ways, for example, to make fenders, that is, material hung over the side of the ship to protect it from scraping other ships or wharves. Junk came to refer to this old cable as well. The big leap in meaning taken by the word seems to have occurred when junk was applied to discarded but useful material in general. This extension may also have taken place in a nautical context, for the earliest, more generalized use of junk is found in the compound junk shop, referring to a store where old materials from ships were sold. Junk has gone on to mean useless waste as well.)

I enjoy and suffer when I am walking on the beach watching and collected all those pieces spitted from the sea and after when I create something of it.

Picking up those pieces I just can imagine who throw it away and also in which situations.

Playing with and observing that things between my fingers I have realized that it is a clean garbage. It was hardly washed in a sea tumbled numerous times. On the land it has been bakened under the sun for days, months or years. Those processes change their origin shapes and colours. Disasembled and ruined now they got a new look. Mounted in forms of ships and with a new purpouse they begin to live their new life.

This is an evidence about garbage, waste and sea polution.

As symbolic example of recycling this is also a reminiscent to it and call to act.

Why ships? It is man's first connection with the sea. Only by a boat or a ship the man is able to explore, to feel and know the sea.

Parts of the ships are collected on just one small beach on the island Iž in Nort Dalmatia.

Pieces were not particulary designed or treated in any ways.

The ships are named in old fashioned way which is very common in Dalmatia - there are descriptive adjectives for special shape, colour, manner etc.

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