Artist Statement -

“Stop trying so hard. Let go. Be yourself. Do what feels good.” The frustration of trying to be what I thought was expected of me finally gave way to the mature, free spirit that’s within. Stop trying to please others. Please yourself. Enjoy the process. Don’t we all enjoy a good scribble once in a while?

My work is my interpretation of what’s around me. Be it people, landscape, or complex emotion, expressed with freedom and sensitivity, it is what it is. I choose not to compete with mother nature, the artist of all artists. My own reaction to her art is all I can offer.

It begins with little or no preconceived expectation of the destination. My journey is bliss. The outcome is reward. Whatever it is, it’s about mood, expression, and observation. I see motion in the static, expression in the mute, and attitude in the demure.

I use the materials at hand. Acrylic or water color, collage, pencil and pastel along with shards of glass and ceramic are used to create textures and movement that generate depth and complexity. I hope the viewer can glimpse into my journey and enjoy it as I have and appreciate the beauty that exists everywhere, if we choose to experience it.

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