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I have built “Burning Art” from my dreams. It has come a long way from the semi-sheltered studio in the Fourth Ward of Atlanta. It really makes me appreciate the rain proof haven I have here in the hills of Tennessee. Burning Art is about appreciating and fostering the inner child in all of us. My goal is to build art that you can play on. Huge installation-landscape sculptures that foster imagination to play on. It is important that my art is not the art one glances at from outside ropes and barriers, but one which engulfs the senses. I imagine jungle gyms and slides that incorporate themes that have playful lessons.

Artist Exhibitions

Feburary First Friday Artist of the Month at art market gallery on Gay street.

KNoxville Emporium on Gay Street March first friday

Art Webb Fest. At Webb School.

June coloborative exibit at Mighty Mudd gallery, second Friday in June for one month. ...

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Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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