Artist Statement -

I create art as therapy for my self, and with a great hope that my creations will affect the viewer with total recall of the glory of the human being, and the breathtaking beauty of our planet. My ultimate goal is to awaken our inherent love of art and the power it has to create by itself something tangible yet spiritual. A force being able to create a paradigm shift towards a positive direction. My desire is to apply harmonious elements in a subtle proportionate degree so as to evoke or awaken from the viewer his or her inherent understanding and acknowledgement of the therapeutic beauty in art.

I make informed decisions as to what I must paint, according to interaction with my social groups, becoming sensitive to needs of people, trends and social tensions, and the awakening of cultural ideology. I use certain materials like acrylic paint that is versatile, and can adapt to my painting style, also collage and graphite according to what I need to be expressed. With me there is no known formula, I work using materials that conform with the picture that is already painted in my mind.

I am currently working on a series of paintings depicting the Creation of Man, the Love in the Garden between Adam and Eve, the Great Deception, and the pain of Paradise Lost. I find these pieces to be very challenging in terms of depicting the psychological aspects of the entire scenario.

Artist Exhibitions

I have had exhibition in New York city, The Province of Ontario, cities -Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton, Hamilton.

i have exhibited at Various establishments including the Living Arts Center in Mississauga,
The Peel Juried annual Show of Fine ARTS exhibitions, Winner (best Acrylic Painting) Brampton.
Winner of Art competition,Toronto.
Nomination THE Marty's Awards, Mississauga.

Collection of my work by various collectors, personal commissions, including (CBC) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

An evening of Fashion and Art show , up coming Exhibition, New Works in Toronto on june 29/13,

Work will display pieces depicting Themes of a Religious nature, Cultural Paintings, and portraits of National Heroes. ...

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