Artist Statement -

The Art of Cultural Idealism

Icons, symbols and objects, established or reinvented permit us to define our relationship with the surroundings in which we are born, live, play, work and die in. They are the means to look intently at reality. In my own work I use them to try and come up with understandings by crossing the borders between popular culture and the moral values embedded in it. . For me, juxtaposing familiar pop art icons against one another helps fortify fascination (and repulsion) with many of the empty idealisms in today’s world.

In this way my canvases become the narrative of us. The icons and objects in my work are part of a larger internalization, also exposing what is evident and unpredictable. The paintings also demonstrate how art is capable of revealing to us the ironies that we are encompassed in.

Even though I explore distinctive themes, the bases for all the work is elaborated with elements, symbols and icons that we recognize consciously or intuitively, recognizable icons of societies and cultures across the globe. They are a chain of popular images that identifies “culture.” Human history is a common story and because of this we share the ability to interpret symbols or elements that represent aspects of life.

My work investigates and explores the human element, its relationship to others and the world around it. My interest in the human and cultural aspects of our lives is the corresponding idea that mirrors my intent as an artist and pictorial detective. By challenging the social norms of American and world cultures, I hope to bring to attention our complex natures, which are not necessarily “stacked” in favor of our humanity . . .

Artist Exhibitions

Individual Exhibitions:
2008: “Equations for A Life Style” The Conference Room
Los Angeles,Ca., USA
2007: “Between Two Worlds” Public Arts Department
Palm Desert, Ca., USA
2003: “Recent Works” Gallery Soho Creative, New York City, NY, USA
2002: “Borders” Gallery Soho Creative, New York City, NY, USA
2000: “Animal Crackers” Duo Duo Gallery
San Miguel Allende, Gto,Mexico
“Recent Works” Gallery Soho Creative, NYC, NY, USA
1998: “Crazy Still Lives and Landscapes” Talent Gallery
Mexico City, Mexico “Adventure of The Icons”
Cultural Institute of Coahuila, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico
“Baby Limbo” Gallery One -Two-Seven , Mexico City, Mexico
1997: “Recent Work” Marek Fine Art, Los Angeles, Ca. USA
1996: “A Decade of Work on Paper” MCA Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico 1994: “New Jersey – Aztec” Salon Azteca Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
“Californa – Aztec” Robert´s Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
1992: “Mambo Rojo” Museum Home of Diego Rivera
Guanajuato,Gto., Mexico
“Red Mambo and Its Conflicts” Galeria Talento
Mexico City, Mexico.
1990: “Through Paradise” Exhibition Itinerary:
Hidalgo Cultural Center, Pachuca Hidalgo, Mexico
House of Culture, Morelia,Michoacan, Mexico
Francisco Gotilla Museum, Zacatecas, Zac. Mexico
The Regional Direction for The Investigation
and Formation of Culture, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico
1989: “A Day in Marimbaland” Florencia Riestra Gallery
Mexico City, Mexico
1988: “South of The Border” Read Stremmell Gallery
San Antonio, Texas, USA
1987: “Saints and Sinners” Art Forum Gallery
Mexico City, Mexico
1986: “Life At Ground Zero” Los Talleres Gallery
Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico ...

Artist Publications


Barry Wolfryd at the Beyond the Border International Contemporary Art Fair in San Diego

Mexico City, August 25, 2009. The American – Mexican painter Barry Wolfryd will be one of the artists whose work will mark the first edition of the Beyond the Border International Contemporary Art Fair (BTB ICAF), to be held in San Diego, California, scheduled for September 2nd thru the 4Th.
BTB-Art is dedicated to establishing San Diego as the leading contemporary art fair destination on the West Coast. More than 40 galleries both national and international will be present, some associated with names such as Christie’s.
Wolfryd will be represented by IAO Projects, exhibiting large and medium format oils on canvas plus works on paper.
The artist, originally from Los Angeles, California, presently lives in Mexico City. His work incorporates cultural relics, products, idols and icons, including familiar commercial tags with which he uses to show is fascination and repulsion for the empty idealism in the contemporary world.
Organizers of Beyond the Border International Contemporary Art Fair have partnered with sponsors of San Diego's leading cultural organizations, including The San Diego Museum of Art, The Stuart Collection UCSD, UCSD Department of Visual Arts, The New Children's Museum and The Lux Art Institute. The 3-day contemporary art fair will be held at The Grand Del Mar, San Diego's newest luxury resort in Coastal North San Diego County.

For more information regarding Beyond the Border, IAO Projects and Barry Wolfryd consult:, y

Artist Collections

Hilton Corporation, Mexico City, Mexico
Museo Casa Diego Rivera, Guanajuato, México
Press Club Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
Bramsen Institute París, Francia .
APD Corporation, Mexico City, Mexico
Taller de Gráfica Soruco, Oaxaca México
DeBas Corporation, Mexico City, Mexico
Galería Renata, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Robert’s Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Real Stremmell Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Generation Fine Art, Los Angeles, California, USA
Coleccion José F. Fómez, Insituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca
Oaxaca City, México
Bank of Southern California, La Joya, California, USA
Metro Gas, Mexico City, Mexico
Art of the Americas, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Profesional Service Group, Chennai, India
Paracor Inc. New York, New York, USA
Argent Trading NYC / Mexico City, Mexico
Galería Talento Arte Visual, Mexico City, Mexico
Soho Creative, New York, New York, USA

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