Artist Statement -

My name is Carolyn. I am an Auckland based Artist.
I am a full time watercolourist. This is the only medium I work in as I find it beautiful, challenging, exasperating and magical. I love to paint still life, portraits and landscapes.

I have adopted a methodology for painting still life and portraits and that gives me great control of my painting. I build up each layer until I’m happy with the richness of colour, form and depth.
Painting landscapes requires a freer approach, a little more impressionistic but still with the ability to call out the details of a building or plant etc.

I work mainly with transparent watercolours. This allows each layer of colour to be seen. Great effects and depth of colour can be achieved this way, but it also means any mistakes cannot be hidden! I occasionally use opaque pigments if I want a textural effect such as painting the bark on a tree, or some old flaking paint on a house.

I try to paint everyday. I am very passionate about my work and paint even when away from home. I recently won two awards, a merit award for a portrait at the Mairangi Bay art exhibition and 2nd place of 70 watercolours in best watercolour category at the Franklin Art Festival. I aim to take my work to a professional level.

Carolyn belongs to:
Auckland Watercolour Society
Wellington Watercolour Society
Auckland East Arts
New Zealand Academy of Finearts
New Zealand Fellowship of artists as a working member
Waiheke art gallery
Mairangi art gallery

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I am in the process of compiling my past and current exhibition opportunities.

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