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I am a landscape painter, my paintings are meditative, somewhat abstract; they are inspired by my love and awe of nature. I paint mostly with pastels; they capture both the softness and the depth of the landscape. I use color boldly to create mood and evoke feelings. Light is the magic of the landscape for me. It creates the contrast that breathes life into the painting.

I began my professional artistic career as a graphic designer and that has influenced my work as a painter. I look at a landscape and try to simplify what I see and look for the essence in that particular scene. I also think about how color, shape, and composition influence what I’m trying to express. During my childhood, I spent a lot of time on Cape Cod and that became part of the fabric of who I am. We moved away for many years and so returning has been a real homecoming and I’ve found myself, once again drawn to the cape. I find a lot of pleasure and fascination in salt marshes, cranberry bogs and old barns. Living in New York City and the Midwest made me realize how drawn I am to the New England landscape. I paint the things that I love and have meaning for me and am deeply gratified when I see others responding to my paintings.

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