Artist Statement

Please check back soon. I am in the process of getting my artist statement finalized.

Artist Exhibitions

Co exhibitions:

• Selected for an exhibition for young artists organized by Amalfi Town Hall in the years 2002/2003 at the “Arsenali Storici” of the town. Published in the multimedia catalogue (CD) (Italy)
• Selected for a collective art exhibition “Spazio non Spazio” organized at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples from February 23rd to February 25th 2005 in collaboration with CMR (CONSORZIO RESTAURO MEZZOGIORNO). Published in the catalogue (Italy)
• Selected by the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples as representative of the area “Campania” at the international competitive examination of painting for young artists “6° PREMIO DI PITTURA PALAU ARTE” which took place in the city of Palau (Sardeigna) from May 19th to May 22nd 2005. Published in the catalogue. The painting she made now belongs to Palau town hall (Italy)
• Collective exhibition (labs opened to the public) organized at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples during the event “Maggio dei Monumenti” during the years 2003/2004 and 2004/2005 (Italy)
• From December 2005 took part in a travelling exhibition “13X17” PROGETTO ESSERCI – Padiglione Italia. Published in the catalogue. One of the two paintings made now belongs to the collection of the project (Italy)
• Presentation of the documentation concerning the project “Oltre il Margine” which took place in the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples on March 7th 2007. Published in the multimedia catalogue and on a CD. “Oltre il Margine” is a project organized by the Professor Maria Cristina Antonini in order to create paintings labs with old people diseased in Alzheimer and students of the Primary School. Naples (Italy)
• Travelling exhibition “Microyoung” organized by Bertolt Brecht cultural centre from 10th 2008 in Milan (Italy)

Personal exhibitions:

• Personal exhibition in Naples at the Academy of Fine Arts while discussing the thesis in March 2007 (Italy)
• Exhibition on line in the gallery of “ArteLaguna” ( for the whole year 2007. Treviso (Italy)
• Personal exhibition “passaggi remoti” in Acerma from November 9th till November 21st 2007 in Paris (France)

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Palau Town Hall, Sardeigna, Italy
Padiglione Italia (private collection), Milan, Italy
Bertolt Brecht cultural centre, Milan, Italy
Madame Claudine Chénevat, Issoudun, France ...

Artist Favorites