Artist Statement

Jan Chlpka - naive imaginism

The painter from Hlozany (Vojvodina, Serbia) Jan Chlpka (1965) belongs to our best and most original painters of naive art today.

To poetics of inset imaginism tied him his increased imagination. As a result such an orientation we can find a reduced space of painting without any unnecessary details and expressed expressive stylization of shapes. He also uses colors in accordance with inter and not mimetic meaning.

The most frequent themes of his painting creation are animals, which is natural while his occupation is veterinary surgeon. Here we can notice other rare component of painter’s creation – humor.

Vladimir Valentik, art historian

Artist Exhibitions

1. Gallery Zuzka Medvedova, Bacsky Petrovec (Serbia), 23. April - 16. May 1993
2. Cultural Center, Hlozany (Serbia), 7. March - 15. March 1996
3. Cultural Center, Kovacica (Serbia), 26. April - 5. May 1997
4. Gallery Pecat, Novi Sad (Serbia), 4. June - 20. June 1998
5. The Slovak Naive Art Gallery, Trencin (Slovakia), 22. January - 28. February 1999
6. The House of Artists, Trencianske Teplice (Slovakia), 12. April – 31. May 2000
7. The Agricultural Museum, Kulpin (Serbia), 27. June 2002
8. Krug Gallery, Becej (Serbia), 10. December 2003 – 5. January 2004
9. Pri Jasliach Gallery, Backi Petrovec (Serbia), 4. – 31. July 2004
10. The Palffy Palace Gallery, Bratislava (Slovakia), 13. September – 3. October 2004


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