Artist Statement -

I have worked on as the broadcasting writer and director for about thirty long years in Tokyo JAPAN.In the course of the years, I have been interested in Japanfs original and traditional color that is an UKIYOE print, paper made by Japanese original technique = WASHI, and Japanfs own design gMONYOUh= pattern.
I think that MONYOU is the best cultural ambassador. Because MONYOU developed while coming and going many times between the Orient and the Occident . While it was long times, MONYOU was only handling as a part of the decoration art. However, they are different. I think that MONYOU may be formed as a new concept in a field of the contemporary art. Then, I tried to make own cutting artworks 2003. I began an act to dye Japanese traditional paper gWASHIh in various original colors. To draw an original pattern on the WASHI and cut it. To layer the WASHI which cut the MONYOU on several levels. When I dye a WASHI, I image a cloud. It may be skies or may be the ore. When I design the MONYOU, I am conscious of Japonisme. When I cut the WASHI, I centralize all nerve in the point of a sword of the design cutter.
By the way, I may let MONYOU and Japanese Calligraphy fuse. It is a concept with Japanfs original taste that nobody does.
It is the work that is very interesting for me even if take anything. I need various technique and much time for production. However, time of all gives me imaginary joy. I believe my intuitive power and produce it.
Finally, letfs introduce art supplies using. I use Japanese traditional materials. For example, gold and silver leaf, gold and silver sands, mica, Indian-ink = SUMI, chalk = GOHUN, natural mineral pigments = IWAENOGU and water ink.
Please enjoy my artworks.

Artist Exhibitions

2005.10 Aoba-ku ART-FORUM opening event exhibition in YOKOHAMA
2007.11 Tokyo Museum "KIRIE"exhibition
2008.09 "KIRIE"exhibition at Paris
2008.10 Opera gallery "Japanese contemporary art exhibition" in Hungary
2008.11 Tokyo Museum "KIRIE"exhibition
2009.11 Tokyo Museum "KIRIE"exhibition
2010.11 Kawasaki Museum "KIRIE"exhibition
2011.02 Gallery Art-Imagine "Significance of existence of art" in Tokyo
2011.09 Kakei Commemorative Museum exhibition"RENSHOKAI"
2011.11 Kawasaki Museum "KIRIE"exhibition
2012.09 Kakei Commemorative Museum exhibition"RENSHOKAI"

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