Stanhope, New Jersey - United States

Original Artworks (3)

Christopher Robbins; Battle Finger, 2006, Original Textile, 10 x 4 inches. Artwork description: 241  The Battle Finger Shelf is a home for disparate terms, individually lit. This four- inch hunk of baltic birch multi- ply houses the wires for nine light bulbs within, and trails an antique appliance wire from the centre of its belly. Each light bulb venerates its own ...
Christopher Robbins
Original Textile, 2006
10 x 4 inches (25.4 x 10.2 cm)
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Christopher Robbins; I Think She Is Trying To ..., 2007, Original Kinetic, 2 x 1 m. Artwork description: 241  A life support for dead and fake animals built from garbage. A winshield- wiper motor cranks a cam that  that pumps a bellows that allows a piece of fur to breathe away within its feebly lit shack, while sawing away at a branch the holds a dead ...
Christopher Robbins
Original Kinetic Art, 2007
2 x 1 m (6.56 x 3.28 feet)
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Christopher Robbins; Plywood Tree, 2007, Original Sculpture Wood, 5 x 10 cm. Artwork description: 241  A 14 foot tree built from plywood, planted outside, and then chopped down and milled back into a sheet of plywood, which is returned to Home Depot in exchange for a receipt, completing its tortured cycle from tree to wood to paper ,  ...
Christopher Robbins
Original Wood Sculpture, 2007
5 x 10 cm (2.0 x 3.9 inches)
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Artist Statement

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