Artist Statement -

For me, doing art is a meditation and an affirmation of life, that lifts me above the problems of everyday. My passion for colors let me take the artist-name "Chromosoph" (greek for "Color-Lover" or "Color-Thinker") I started as a realistic painter. Now I'm a figurative painter but I love the infinite freedom of abstractions... so most of my art is "figurative abstraction"

My artistic influences are based in the art of the early impressionists, the "School of Barbazon". Like the work of those artists, I explore the space between realistic and abstract art - in a rich and diverse stylistic texture.

Artist Exhibitions

GE = group exhibition
SE = solo exhibition
(GE) January 1st - 23rd: "EcoArt", Galeria Maud, Rome, Italy
(GE) January 2nd - 31st: Art Inter/National Award Exhibition, Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA
(GE) February 6th - 25th: "Putting-It-All-Together" Climate-Gallery, New York
(SE) May 1st - October 26th: "Retrospective", Galerie im Turm, Schwertberg, Austria
(GE) June 6th - 25th: "Revealing Culture" Exhibition, JF Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
(GE) September 20th - October 10th: Fourth Beijing International Art Biennale, China
(SE) October - November: "Retrospective", Foyer AKH Linz, Austria

(GE) Feb.27th - March 2nd: ARTEGENOVA 2009
the Galeria de Arte GAUDI, Madrid, is featuring my artwork by showing seven paintings at the 5th ARTEGENOVA, Italy
(GE) April 4th - April 27th: "World of Imagination Vol.2" APW Gallery New York, US
(GE) May 8th - June 21st: "Legs of Men and Women in the Art of the 21st Century, Chouze sur Loire, France
(SE) June 26th - August 30th: Aiserburg, Schwertberg, Austria
(GE) July 15th - August 16th: International RedCross Summer Exhibition, Den Haag, Netherland
(SE) November 7th - December 22nd: Solo Exhibition, Galeria de Arte GAUDI, Madrid, Spain

+ 1962:
+ 1963: GE
Finalists and prize-holders of the National Students Drawing- and Painting Awards, Vienna

1965: GE "Students of Art and their Homeland", Linz

1994: GE Summer-University Salzburg
SE "Terre en miniature", Lehener Hof Salzburg

1995: GE "Dreams & Miracles", Salzburg
GE "10 Years Art in Hospital", AKH Linz
GE "Coal-Steel-Color", Linz
SE "2 Steps forward 1 Step back", HK Amstetten
SE 1.Personale, Gallery MSH Linz

1996: GE "Middle of Left", TechUniversity Graz
SE Personale, Kulturcafe Seiersberg

Thyroid gland cancer! All appointments and exhibitions cancelled!

1997: ! Stroke ! Total retirement.

Oct. 2005: Celebration of my mother's 80th birthday. The laudatory speaker asked her: "Here are 64 of your relatives, is there anything else they can do for you or do you have a special request?"
and she answered: "Yes, but it's only one thing I'm wishing with all my heart: that I can visit again exhibitions showing the paintings of my elder son."
Her wish was my command! After almost 10 years of absence I tried to get in contact with curators, art managers and gallerists, started preliminary works,

2006: on Good Friday I had my third heart attack -- 2 weeks in intensive care unit, 2 months in a rehabilitation clinic, followed by improvements and relapses ...
that made all my plannings obsolete

2007: January:
I got a cardioverter/heart-pacemaker implanted and I started my third life...

SE Retrospective at "Autumnal-Culture" St.Valentin
SE "Art in Advent", Allhaming

2008: GE "Wind.Raum", Waldeck-Frankenberg, Germany
GE "Annual Cork Street Open Exhibition, London-Westend
GE "Legs of Men and Women in the Art of the 3rd Millennium", Chateau Des Reaux, France
GE "1st Bienal Internacional Di Montijo + IX Premio Vespeira", Montijo, Portugal
GE "International RedCross Winter Exhibition" Tallinn, Estonia...

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