Artist Statement -

My paintings are a way for me to give structure to my thoughts and feelings so that I may better understand them. I try not to commit to an idea too far in advance, preferring to let the image evolve as the painting progresses. I might know that I want to include a particular object, gesture, color, etcetera, but why doesn’t become clear until later. I am less concerned about accurate representation as I am about honest expression.

The images I create come from many sources; they are part observation, imagination, and reaction. My intention is that they be taken metaphorically rather than literally. I am fascinated with how edges relate to transition and how shapes are formed in negative space. My figures become a part of their environment. I am very interested in the origin of things, including paint pigments themselves. In this sense I feel a connection to my materials. I like to work in oils because they allow me to move the paint around until I begin to sense where the painting is going. I begin each painting in gray tones and then build my color from there while simultaneously heightening the lights and deepening the darks. I use color as an expression of hope. As I move the paintings away from their more somber undertones I myself begin to feel a sense of resolution and understanding of what it is I am trying to express.

A reoccurring theme in my work has been that of the individual confronted by choice or a lack of choice. I often feel compelled to use hands in my paintings. I believe they are meant to represent accountability. The erotic nature of some of my paintings is unintentional and usually more about identity. It is important to me, however, that people bring their own interpretations to my work and take with them a better understanding of themselves. I have learned much about my self, my judgments, and my inhibitions through the works of other artists. It is this reciprocal aspect of art that fuels my passion to paint. I can only hope that I might move people the way I myself have been moved.

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