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I started drawing and painting as a way to deal with stress. To deal with my anger issues
The first drawings + paintings I created were very dark- very angry…. Actually I guess some of the new ones are too… hmm…
well anyway- this hobby of mine has developed into something much more important to me than I ever thought it would..a sort of therapy…..

Regarding this series of paintings
I’m fascinated by large cities, their energy, their mysteries and their color. What’s around this corner? What’s down that street? Who lives there?? Little toy boxes stacked together and apart to form these colossal urban centers with so much confusion and so much life. Each of these little boxes houses a story in itself.
I guess in a way cities sort of represent our journey through life.
You have to decide which roads to drive down, which streets are safe for you to travel as an individual and most importantly, where should you place your little square box in the pile with the others?

This is what I paint, little square boxes. Every painting starts the same way- with one little box on the canvas + then I just let them grow + multiply until they form a sort of community- each box is the same but at the same time different. Some of these boxes don’t necessarily belong where they’ve been plunked down- but they’re there none-the-less. All fighting to be seen, all fighting to be heard
Just like I am…… Christopher j Hrynyk

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