Artist Statement -

Investigating themes of humanity and human nature ... is what my pieces are a reflection of--an imprint...a memoir and a motive for reflection about my life and times.

The presence and absence of objects (bullets, knives, teeth) play an important part in 'rememberance' and the act of 'provoking thought'.
Being in the presence of an object we know is used to wound, to the print marking the obvious absence of the same- leaves one with thoughts of our own certain reality: our every day knowledge of the violence around me directly and/or indirectly. Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Ciudad Juarez- from my Mexico , My new home: Washington DC (this summer 2006--- 15+ murders.. and counting).

Realities can also be simple as they surround me. My constant fascination with the beauty of insects and other found objects leads me to memorialize them on my canvases (btw: I only keep them when dead).

In Mexico it was scorpions.... now in the Washington DC area, I am turning to wasps and cicadas.

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