Artist Statement -

My artwork attempts to synthesize extreme elements of human existence striving to merge the obvious with the subtle, the crude with the elegant, and the significant with the superficial. I feel that many of my thoughts and experiences are not limited to me as an individual. Instead, I feel these ideas, observations, and experiences are familiar among many people.

I believe when creating, we should do so extensively, indiscriminately, and hold no love to any one particular aspect of life. We should explore, experience, then express life from our own viewpoints; creating until our experience has become our expression.

Artist Exhibitions

Group Exhibition, Maizelle Gallery of Art, Jam Session on Canvas (August 2002)
Group Exhibition, d’ART Center, Ymmm Food for Thought (June 2002)
Juried Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, New Waves 2002 (April 2002)
Solo Exhibition, Hope House Foundation, Dance Interior (December 2001)
Solo Exhibition, Virginia Beach Pavilion Center, Hanging Instruments (Oct.1999)
Solo Exhibition, Virginia Beach General Auxiliary Gallery
Landscapes: Consideration of Color (August 1999)
Juried Exhibition, Charles H. Taylor Center, Hampton Bay Days (July 1999)
Solo Exhibition, d'ART CENTER, Paintings That SING the Blues (February 1999)
Solo Exhibition, Hope House Foundation,
Sketches, Thumbnails, and Studies (December 1998)
Solo Exhibition, Hope House Foundation,
American Pedagogy: What are we teaching? (December 1997)
Juried Exhibition, Contemporary Art Center of Virginia,
Commonwealth Collects (March 1997)
Juried Exhibition, Daura Gallery,
Expanding Visions for Virginia Black Artists (February 1997)...

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Artist Collections

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