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Scottish artist, restarting in 2014.
Oil painting iconic anthems of the figurative form. My work work is largely figurative, inspired by music literature and visual stimuli. Inspirations are the classics masters, Rubens, Casper D Freidrich, Tiepolo, Alma Tadama (as some examples) , the Renaissance the Romantic periods, as well as the gothic.
Light and Dark, texture and glazing, detail and abstract, movement and stillness are all aspirations i aim for in my work, neither overstating one another, but to produce an understated finish piece that by itself is iconic in its own frame.

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........."all things......."
Do not be mislead, by what appears to be
follow what you feel, is, within you.
Then you will find, my honesty.
Words spoken without voice,
heard through listening eyes,
speak silently to each other
while wolves circled round.
With reflection,
admiration is mirrored,
Soothing fear from shadows, within cogitation.
open books, still,
leave chapters untold,
remain fixed by sanction.
where timeless gales,
yearn in unity.
The watchman,
stands, high upon stable ground.
Noble, and true
over soft combed sands,
caresses an angels breath, in memory kept.
A campaign labored,
dresses muslin armor
from battles fought, in foe
secures in heart, engraved within stone.
Sober thoughts,
break gloom within chambers.
so dawns opon hand,
as quiet, sunders troubled mind.
by Storm
seek confliction,
within anguish.
the chamber,
now boding away asylum.
thunder wayward stallion,
fate, chosen not sauntered.
in redemption,
gleaned in whispers
fires fore, estranged.
an eve enchanted,
wolves in envy, stalk daunted.
whilst silent verbs capture,
an ode to affirm, presentiment
reminiscent twilight,
swear restraint, in reverence.
hourglass pools,
find approbation,
on autumn oath.
in calamity,
two Friesian's sunder thrice.
abide serenity,
as angels lamented.
bound liege, benevolent
tenders truce in darkness,
bewailing fore redemption.
in angels flight,
castlings bear stillness,
sway word, in mind alone.
forsake assumption Artemis of Latium
tenacious mettle, willed
yields to fervor liberty,
in vow kept perpetual.
one, amongst many
honors in benevolence
ardent impassion ajoin in dream alone, keep.
grant loyal grace, ally for all time.
gait unburdened autonomy,
and cherish in sovereign liberty.
in unbridled re-union,
forsake all inhibitions
and in gaiety roam.

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