Artist Statement -

Colton Henderson often times goes by the artistic name COLTALITY. Coltons Reality. To Colton, this is achieved through finding what he calls the sweet spot. His definition of the sweet spot is the moment where time stops still in the lens through his eye. A split second moment where the world is functioning on multiple different dimensions at one time. This moment is captured however on only two dimensions through the form of a photo.

COLTALITYs goal is to exploit the status quo of implied perfectionism. To strive towards the raw and the rare. The seen and the un seen.

Artist Exhibitions

2016. January. Savannah, Georgia. Lee Oneil Gallery. "The Print"

2016. April. Denver, Colorado. Matchbox. "Spoiled Youth"...

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Lee O'Neil Gallery, Savannah, GA, USA
Elizabeth Dow, East Hampton, NY, USA
Matchbox, Denver, CO, USA...

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