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Òscar Garriga ‘Coragre Artist, Catalonia 1961
Begins to create his imaginary universe in the first years 60. With only some few springs illustrates the Catalan popular tale -Patufet- to the school. In the 70 of the hand of the cartoonist Antoni Aynè initiates his first happen in the world of the drawing and the Comic, to pursue his studies -in full teenage rebellion- to the School Massana of Barcelona 1977-82 where
learns painting and engraving, is when overcome his timidity that begins to take part in
contests,fairs and exhibitions showing his ironic character and surrealista, in
a time that the fight against the dictatorship is present in any place of the country.

Of this period highlight his paintings matèriques of Popsurreal.Also
it assists to the workshops of Comic of Rodolfo Pastor and of Raúl Capitani engraving in
the years 80. His facet Rocker and poetic begins to win terrain to the drawing and
publishes -in the 90- his first LP as a Coragre in full effervescence of the Rock sung in Catalan.. It is necessary to put the accent in his collaboration in the world of the radio waves, to Radio Mataró to the years 80 and to Radio Arenys, Radio Malgrat of and Radio Cerdanyola to the years 90

With the new century takes part in the itinerant exhibitions of the Supermarket of Art
American Prints Mallorca, Barcelona, la Corunya, Valladolid, Bilbao and Madrid.
In the 2003 realises his portal Web Imaginari -Coragre Art- and exposes his drawings and illustrations in virtual galleries of half world Saatchi Gallery of London, Artelista of Catalonia, Voodoochilli of England, Sito of Nebraska, Toonpool of Berlin, Fine Art America of Ohio, Art Majeur of France between many other likewise takes part in events and exhibitions of Visual Poetry and Digital Art being finalist of the MIAD 2006 of Argentina and participant to the ‘Salón de Arte Digital editions of the 2008,2009,2011, 2013 of Maracaibo,Venezuela, and also in several samples of the Festival Internazionale di Arte Digitale MIDAC Digitale Ventipertrenta in Italy and Mexico 2011-2012-2014-2015-2016.Taking part at bottom of Art of the Museum MIDAC Belforte of the Chienti, Italy Also has been included to the encyclopaedia ‘LEXICON DER PHANTASTISCHEN KUNTSLER two editions 2009 and 2013 -skilled in fantastic Art and surrealist- of the writer and publisher Gerhard Habarta Of the 2006 to the 2011 published the in the mood graphic strip -Històries a Cau dOrella- in the portal of the association APPEC Association of periodic publications in Catalan with what to the 2009 was rewarded in the ‘2º Contest in the mood Sportive Chart that organised the ‘Catalan Foundation for the Sport also collaborated with the magazine of Visual Poetry POE and edited to the 2010 the book Poemagre one collect of poems and drawings. To the 2011-12 edits two collect of it Throws Comic Històries a Cau dOrella Bubok books and takes part to the itinerant sample in the mood contemporary Chart of the Association Caricart Listen Spain... That there is somebody Also it collaborated in the satirical magazine in the mood El Web Negre with the Strip Condonitis of the Dr.Coragre. To the 2012 was include in the Gran Catálogo de la Historieta of the magazine web also it has taken part in the in the mood graphic book ResCATallats edited by Angle Editorial, also to the Guide of Arte Leonardo 2013 In the 2015 takes part in the collective sample of the Mas Pi Art of Verges and in the individual exhibition to the Mar Verd Art of Girona, coordinated by the artist Jordi Bofill. 2016 individual exhibition Graphical work in Lluïsos de Gràcia Barcelona.In the last times has realised the graphic design of groups of Rock how Tarot and The Hot Rocks where follows his bonding to the musical world.
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