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Artist statement
The subject matter of my recent work deals with ideas of supermodernity, Isolation, and non-spaces. Supermodernity is defined as a stage of society that reflects a deepening or intensification of modernity. Characteristics of this stage of society are attempts to understand, control, and manipulate every part of the human experience. The result of supemodernity shows up in how we construct our cities and spaces. More specifically it shows in our Airports, supermarkets, new housing developments, subways, hotel rooms, motor ways and many other non-places; spaces of transience that are not significant enough to be regarded as a place. Isolation is also an element in my work because the isolation is a result of our impersonal society in many of our cities. We make an effort not to speak to strangers, and pretend we didn’t even see them as we pass through these non-places.
The paintings that I create often have a high amount of tonal contrast and or a use of color theory. I also choose to use this combination to enable me to make a visually striking image. These visual qualities that I work to achieve are influenced by visually striking moves like director Brad Anderson’s The Machinist, or Zack Synder’s 300; movies that have high tonal contrast and a crisp quality to them. Also, video games with this quality influence these visual elements in my work. An example would be the videos in games like World of War Craft.

Courtland Blade

Artist Exhibitions

2011 Courtland Blade 2011, Gopalan Contemporary Art Gallery, Terre Haute, IN (solo, scheduled)
2010 national Small Oil Paintings 2010, The Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita, KS
2010 Cork Street Open International Exhibition, Cork Street Gallery, London
2010 Boston Young Contemporaries, 808 Gallery, Boston, MA
2010 Ninth National Juried Exhibition, Ceres Gallery, New York, NY
2010 45th Annual Central South Art Exhibition, Tennessee Art League, Nashville, TN
2010 "Figure it Out," Donnelly Gallery, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA
2009 65th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition, Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN
2009 Emerald Spring Exhibition, Emerald Art Center Gallery, Springfield Oregon.
2008- 09 61st Juried Art Exhibition, Sioux City Art Center, Sioux City Iowa.
2008 Viewpoint 40th Annual National Juried Art Competition, Cincinnati OH.
2008 New Directions ’08, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie NY.
2008 The 5th Annual National View from Grandview National Exhibition, at the Atlanta Artist Center at Atlanta Georgia.
2008 64th Annual Wabash Valley Juried Art Exhibition, Sheldon Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute IN
2008 BFA Show, University Gallery, Terre Haute, IN
2008 Showed Works at Coffee Ground, Terre Haute IN
2007 2nd Annual Halcyon Group Show, Halcyon Gallery, Terre Haute IN
2007 Show at Coffee Ground, Terre Haute IN.

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