Artist Statement -

After 33 years of painting, drawing, sculpture, stained glass art, animation, and web site design, I have settled upon acrylic and pencil for their ability to describe form, light and colour in an endless variety.... vibrant to subtle, realistic to abstract and traditional to experimental. Born in the Netherlands, and in Canada since the age of two, I have studied at the Ontario College of Art, the University of Western Ontario and Sheridan College and have lived and worked in inspiring and breathtaking British Columbia since 1993.

My work is an exploration of diversity. I love the unexpected - odd things in odd places, situations that are unusual and shapes that are slightly off - and try to create thoughtful pieces that will make my audience experience something new.

I hope that you enjoy these paintings as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

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I recently quit smoking.. and have created a website to help others in the throws of nicotine addiction... a creative endeavor if ever there was one.. Want help and peer support?

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