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I proudly pesent my first art work. More than 40 oil paintings, different sizes, related with spirituality, mysticism, Egyptian myths and science-fiction.
I was born in Montevideo(Uruguay)on January 23, 1956. With Primary and Secondary instruction of religious background (Catholic), I learned how to mingle harmoniously the elementary knowledge with the idea of a Superior Being that protects and governs us, idea that would be further reaffirmed during my adolescence with the university studies of Chemistry and Physics (electronics) that far away from focusing my conscience in the material aspect of the Creation, collaborated with my intellect in the exact understanding that everything that exists in the Universe, was originated from the materialization of Love. ..from the very first moment (Big Bang)..
Therefore my learning is purely scientific and intuitive. I have been feeling for two years a very strong internal impulse that motivated myself to express on a canvas my thoughts, my experiences and my message.
My present work is the fruit of sensational dreams, where my passion for the Egyptology, the Astronomy and the Science Fiction, helped me to make this collection come true. I found in the oil technique the appropriate vehicle to express myself. I experienced colours, lights, shadows, and above all, volumes. My work is absolutely self/taught and is the fruit of my intuition.
Regarding to the present collection, I emphasize the almost constant presence of the sun (RA) in practically all the paintings. The stars and the Sun, like factor of Life and source of mystical inspiration. The idea and appearance of the Sun is so important that throughout the story it is seen under the aspect of a yellow sun, another red and a giant one of a distant planetary system and infinite suns (the stars) within the Milky Way (the River Nile, for the Egyptians).
Also the common presence of regular geometric figures (equilateral triangle, circumferences, square, etc) and prismatic figures are constant in several paintings (spheres, pyramids, tetrahedrons regular, etc) that even bring to the imagination the idea of perfection and the idea of the human being. Also day-night scenes appear, as representative element of one of the most important principles of our universe: the duality.
I kindly invite you to take a tour into my website: where you will see my work and the correspondent tale.

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