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Artist Exhibitions

1. Name
Dan Tenev
2. Address, e-mail
6400 Dimitrovgrad
Romen Rolan st. 2-A-10
3. Biographical data
Born on 1958 , the village of Merichleri, Bulgaria
Education: National Academy of Art, Sofia , Graphic Department - 1981 - 1987

2012 Open air art festival West park, “West park story” – Sofia west park
Idea for home – project “Fire” and project “Stone and Wood” – UBA exhibition hall, Sofia
Monsters and fairies – An Inquest-Apology of the Fabulous Today – Credo Bonum gallery, Sofia
Sofia Underground festival – UBA exhibition hall Sofia
2011 “Unlimited” award for contemporary Bulgarian art, ArtProjectDepot – Sofia Benchmark center
2010 Numerical rows 000000/6N – landart, Merichleri
2009 Shortlist - Ruf award for new Bulgarian art, Sofia
Reflections of tomorrow, Center for contemporary art, Plovdiv
Resent works, “Zeniths” gallery, Sofia
“Born independent”, “Shipka 6” exhibition hall, UBA, Sofia
HUMANITAS HOMO HUMANUS, City library, Dimitrovgrad
2008 Akto festival for contemporary art 3, Bitola, Macedonia
“All about him”, Goethe Institute- Sofia, National Theatre, Sofia
2007“Ethos and primary ethics”,Ruf award for new Bulgarian art – Shortlist
“Transformation”, exhibition, Veliko Tarnovo
2004 “The tehnique of a man”, ADS Gallery, Sofia
“Path”, National Art Gallery, Sofia
2003 “Economy”, Art Gallery, Dimitrovgrad
2002 “Gestell”, action, The Seminar, Sofia University
“Fear study”, exhibition “Anti-Saks”, XXL Gallery, Sofia
2001 “Electrical plant”,11B exhibition, Irida Gallery, Sofia
“Numerical Rows”, 8th International Biennial, Cairo
“Man in order”, ”Shipka 6” Exhibition Hall, Sofia, National Art Gallery, Sofia
“Die Frage nach Der Technik”, Art Gallery, Dimitrovgrad
Installations and actions with Vaselin Dimov, Art Gallery, Varna
“E”, exhibition “Informal”, exhibition hall, Sofia
2000 “First Sequence”, ÀÑ/DÑ exhibition, XXL Gallery, Sofia;
“Air reserve – cube”, installation, exhibition “Hold your breath”, Montreal, Canada
1999 “Numerical Rows”, photography, “Process-Space” Festival, Balchik
Participation in exhibition “Painting Borders”, “Shipka 6” Exhibition Hall, Sofia
Participation in Forum of Media Arts “Project End”-Sofia
Participation in the exhibition “Alternative Galleries of the 90-ies”, Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv
1998 “Being”, installation, Art Gallery, Dimitrovgrad; ÕÕL Gallery, Sofia
“Electrification of the Poet”, Sofia - Underground, National Palace of Culture, Sofia
“Bending the Mechanical Zeroes in the Geometry of the 60-ies”,National Palace of Culture, Sofia
“Drawings”, drawings, Art 36 Gallery, Sofia
1997 “Air Reserve”, Sofia-Underground festival, Gallery (-3) in National Palace of Culture, Sofia
“Market”, Art Gallery, Dimitrovgrad;
1996 “Black Line”, Art Saloon, National Palace of Culture /Plastic Image of the 90-ies/, Sofia
“Balkanization”, action on Maritsa River, Dimitrovgrad
“Saturation of the Exhibition Hall”, Art Gallery, Dimitrovgrad
Participation in action “Safety Pin (Fibula)”, Art Gallery, Dimitrovgrad; XXL Gallery, Sofia
1995 “The Other Path”, City Library, Dimitrovgrad
“Extending the Seperation” - Seperation of a Island on Maritza River
“Pitagoreans and Maria”, kinetic sculpture, Planetarium, Dimitrovgrad
1994 “Home for a refugee soul”, Process-Space Festival, Balchik
“Dramatic events”, Lessedra Gallery, Sofia

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