Artist Statement -

“The world around us is so elegant and yet so easily overshadowed by the ugliness of reality. Trying to understand the tragedies of life but not letting them weight and wear me down, I am always searching for the humor. As an artist my goal is to create livable art in the attempt to brighten spaces and convey emotion while commenting on and exposing the comedies of life.”

Artist Exhibitions

Computer Arts Gallery, Exhibition "Animal Nature", Artist Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron and Darby Kelly (Feb 2010)

Kettner Nights, Little Italy - San Diego, CA (July 2009)

Visual Art Exchange,Juried Exhibition: "Unfettered" Raleigh, NC (May 2008)

BoBo Gallery,Student Exhibition, Asheville NC (May 2007)

Tucker Cooke Gallery,Student Exhibition, Asheville NC...

Artist Publications

"I met Darby Kelly, the artist of this beautiful painting, last Friday night when my neighbor, Joy, and I took a spontaneous stroll down to Little Italy to attend Kettner Nights... Joy and I were struck by how much the artist looked like her cherubic subject. Striking too was the creative use of a stiletto for the stem of the fiery, red calla lily. But mostly my mind kept drifting to what Snook's collage would look like if such a work were commissioned. She tromps around in my heels all the time so shoes would definitely have to be integrated somehow, as well as books; a battered, old, stuffed kitty-cat; and maybe chocolate."

-"Snook 'n' Bubs(noting all things bundles, bites and bliss)"
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Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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