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Without question drawing is the heart and soul of art.Becoming a trained draftsman helps to make us capable of mastering any medium.Studying Art for a lifetime ,from New York to Europe. I have many people to thank for helping make it a lifelong quest.In these etchings I am in search of something simple yet hopefully vital, even perhaps elemental(everyone can respond to something elemental). Clarity is important but by adding a hint of mystery i find it makes a more compelling and pleasing work of art. As a Printmaker it is often most difficult to force a piece of flat metal into a negative of an image that matches the original idea (whats in the had). It is a challenge to say the least. My etchings are always limited to 5o prints or less at which time the plates are defaced(keeping the low edtion size). One excitement of being an artist comes with the start of a new piece. Artist can often find inspiration in the other arts. Lately the opera has peaked some interest along with portrait painting in oils.It is wonderful when we find things that move us. The heart controls many of our choices in life, like the choice of who we love or what we feel we must do.I find it can become quite a nuisance to try and pull away from those choices. I simply embrace where life takes me.To me this is somehow essential,like Art itself.

Artist Exhibitions

Artist Unlimited Tampa Fl
Temple Terrace Arts Festival FL
Third Annual National Art Exhibt of D.C.
Recent Works Showcase in New York NY
New Art International, Woodland Hills CA...

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Many collections most notable are:
The Joost Collection of Tampa Fl.
Topper Realty of Tampa Fl.
Tomlinson Collection of London U.K.
Mills Collection of Uniontown Pa.
Klien Collection of Odessa Fl....

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