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Summer 2009 Venezia- I am exploring movement. This is a play on words of "women's movement". I examine legs as a symbol of women moving forward to a goal. Legs can dance, walk, take steps (physical and mental); legs move in space. I am using mixed media (fabrics, canvas, paper, paints). The body of work is title "La Gambe che Supports" (the leg which supports). My series of fourteen works shows legs not interacting with any artifacts which would describe place, home or activity, besides movement. I sue color and texture to show variations and emotions within the legs. Another level of complexity for my artwork is site specific: Venice is fragile. Venice is a pedestrian city. Everyone walks, moves on fragile land. Workers commute to the lagoon, even the indigent and street vendors commute to select places to interact with the tourists. Since the ground is uneven here, one must pay attention to stones, concrete and the elements which make up our pedestrian surface. One must also pay attention to our support, our legs. Legs have expression, perhaps not as refined as hands and arms, and one can red expressions in legs. My subjects, women, walk through unifying and diverse life experiences simultaneously. My shoes are there. Red seta with rhinestones. They are for tango, but the ground here is so uneven they are not able to support me while dancing. Walk a mile in them...leap ahead in them...observe how many legs are here. The last series of paintings integrates into one leg, yet the leg can be extended indefinitely.

Artist Exhibitions

Snap to Grid
Artists' Reception: Thursday November 12, 7-9pm
(in conjunction with Downtown Artwalk)

Every year for over 50 years the L.A. Municipal Gallery has held its "Open Call" exhibit where any artist can show up with their art and an entry fee (to benefit gallery programs) and the piece is shown. The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art decided to launch an international experiment of the same nature where the artists upload images that are printed and hung by the gallery. The hundreds of works are displayed in a grid like installation (reminiscent of postcard art shows of the 1980's) where every work submitted is exhibited.

The usual (less than democratic) selection process where only the precious few are chosen is turned on its head in a curatorial anarchy where everyone gets to participate and the viewer is literally left to be the judge. The show represents a snapshot of a current moment in art history when digital imaging has reached the hands of the many, an age where culture belongs to the "mobblogers" around the globe. From Thailand to Texas, amateur to academic, beautiful to banal and beyond the monumental quantity and variety of "Snap to Grid" becomes an aesthetic experience where each individual piece adds to an agglomerative effect that has a life of its own.

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art
107 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

San Croce, Venezia
Works by NYU Masters Degree Students
August 2009

Animfest 2009
Athens, Greece
Women Dance, one minute stop/action animation
International screening April 2, 2009

Einstein on Witherspoon Street
Bronfman Gallery, NYU
Opening March 26, 2009

Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia, IT
August 22, 2008

Clash of the Artists 2009
Art for Progress, NYC, March 2009

YouTube 2008
Sticks + Stones

Sunshine Factory Cafe and Gallery
11 Essex Street
New York, NY
"Breaking Boundaries: Part II"
October 14, 2004 through January 2005

East Shore Gallery
Bellevue, WA
"Four C's: Computers, Cartoons, Caricatures, and Calligraphy"
March 19-April 23, 2006

New York University Bronfman Center Gallery
"Beyond Graffiti: Fresh Visions from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and New York City:
March-May 2006

Artist Publications

Following the enthusiastic response to Breaking Boundaries: Graffiti and Graf-Inspired Artwork, Sunshine Factory is delighted to present Breaking Boundaries: Part II, more graffiti and graf-inspired artwork by a dynamic mix of over a dozen artists crossing cultures, traditions and genres.

Since Normal Mailer penned The Faith of Graffiti 30 years ago, this provocative art form has moved from the subways and streets onto canvases and , increasingly, into political and spiritual spheres.
Breaking Boundaries: Part II features over 20 prints, portraits, paintings, graphics, cartoons and illustrations demonstrating graffiti's stylistic developments and global impact. Reflecting and often challenging the contemporary social order, they range from the gently satiric to the scathingly political to the sensuously spiritual.

Joining Meres, Jasky Raju, David Pham, Josh Gura, Dani Reyes Mozeson, Chris Cores, James Pyle, Anibal Pedrono and J-nub are Aint, George Hogan, Jack Tsai, Richard Orlina, Bisco, Cern, Pawn, David Mars, Stella Yang, and Daya Bonnie Rao, along with celebrated Amsterdam artist Karski in his New York City debut....

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