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Karen Stein Art

I encompass both acrylic abstract compositions and mixed mediumcollages as my preferred expression. My intention is to emphasize vibrant rich colors, bold brush strokes, line development and layers upon layers of textures Each canvas has its own personality developing visual storytelling, movement, and energy.
I enjoy creating and pull ideas stimulated by my past in the fashion industry form, patterns, shapes, balance of colors, design etc. Creativity is play It is a spontaneous freeing adventure. I have learned to paint without expectations. No preconceived images in my mind. I start with a large blank canvas of nothingness, then play, then add, then take away, then add some more and then finally SEE.......My process has been resolved after applying the use of many tools, mark making, sanding, collage pieces added, or not, glazing, testing, and plain exploring sometimes taking risks.
I hope to convey my love for art by stimulating emotional response from the viewer, be it feelings of quiet or intensity. My non representational finished pieces have been welcomed into many private homes. I am grateful that my talents are appreciated.

Artist Exhibitions

Topanga Canyon Gallery, Ca January 2020
Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts. February 2020 Honorable Mention Award
realART Gallery, Ca August 2020
Celebration of Art 2020, Marin Society of Art- Aug-October 2020

TAG Gallery, Ca
Carton-Sexton Gallery, CA Multiple showings
Weiss Gallery, Sante Fe
ArtShare LA
Townley Gallery, NYC

On-Line Websites 2019-Present
FIneArtAmerica website

I have been selected to be in several live shows for 2020 that has moved to 2021 due to COVID-19

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Artist Collections

Numerous private, corporate, museum, gallery and government collections detailed information coming soon.

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