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I was born in an industrial town in the North West of England, where Art was not high on the careers list of most people. Fortune smiled on me when my junior art teacher advised my family to enrol me on a scholarship to the Manchester High School of Art when I was eleven years old. That set my life-path as a painter. After graduation from college I launched myself into the exiting world of creative advertising of the 1970s. But after a number of disillusioned years in and out of that and other industries, fate led me to create a design company of my own. The company became very successful and I guess I could have continued enjoying an ever increasing recognised position in English society. Yet painting was always tugging on my arm. By 1986 it became clear to me that I could not resist the pull of Art any longer and sold my company, packed my belongings into a van and drove to an isolated Greek island where I could once again practice fine art on a full time and serious basis.

In late 1988 I travelled to NYC attracted by the Citys high standing in the Contemporary Art World, especially its painting legacy. Europe was at this time dominated by an alternative-art form other than painting, which for me had an overly conceptual bias. After spending time in NYC I began to tune-up my work and explore the world of pure painting to break through artistic psychological barriers and develop my work into an art form perhaps previously unexplored by contemporary painters of the recent past. My first solo exhibition was in 1989 in the UK followed by a number of shows on Aegina island in Greece 1990 and 1993.
I first met Marianne Swedish wife in 1993 in Greece and with her encouragement exhibited in Stockholm in 1994. Then for several years afterwards in city galleries. In 2002 I was appointed the lead artist position and exhibitor for a Swedish Government National Art Project 1998-2002.
In 2000 Marianne and I bought a small farm in southern Sweden where we established a purpose built painting studio and gallery, where I have painted and exhibited from since 2010.

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1962.Enrolled at the Manchester High School of Art. 1977- Enrolled at Ashton Art and Design College. 1978-1981-Worked as a designerartistwriter in Advertising and Marketing industries. 1982-Established Design Company in Manchestr UK.198788- Moved to Greece to research fine art painting. 1989- Feaured in Avant Art Magazine UK. First one man exhibition in Chorley UK. 1990-1993- Established Aegina island Greek Studios.1994- One man show in Castor Gallery and the Augili Gallery Stockholm Sweden.1995 to 1998- Exhibited- Series of Paintings in various venues in Sweden. 1998-2002- Lead Artist and Curator for the Heart 2 Art Exhibition- Swedish Goverment Estonia Fund Project. 2000- Awarded USA Guild of Art for powerful and outstanding paintings of the millenium. 2005- Exhibited Watercolors from the Blue Path in Mulberry Gallery Dorset UK. 2007- Exhibited This is Not a Chair solo retrospective exhibition, Manchester UK. 2010 -2015 Saatchi artist-online 2014.-Miro weeps over Pablo -Seminal Painting acquired by a collector in USA. 2014  Ut och In in and out Exhibition at Studio 5 Sweden. 2015 -Stoned Seminal Painting from 1993 - acquired by a collector in Sweden. 2014- Helsingborg Art in the City Exhibition, Helsingborg, Sweden. 2015 - Exhibited Group Show, Slavenka Studio, Skane, Sweden. 2016 - Founder and Editor of painters TUBES magazine. 2018 - Founder and curator for TAG - Tubes Artists Gallery. 2019. Exhibited Group Show, Dean Clough, Crossley Gallery, UK. 2020. TUBES Showcase Gallery. - First exhibition - Canal Reflections 2004-2014. 2020. TAG VR Gallerty for 21st Century Artists.

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