Artist Statement

My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.
Ernest Hemingway

Someone once said that creating a sculpture is easy: just take a piece of marble and cut away all the parts you don’t want. I could say the same about photography: take a hundred shots, throw away the ones you don’t want and crop out the parts you don’t want from the few shots that are left. It sounds simple, and anyone could do this, but not everyone would get good results. The key to success is having artistic vision or taste. That is what makes a photographer able to choose one subject over another and select which shots to keep.

My vision is the result of more than thirty years of observing nature and great works of art, reading and thinking about art, painting, as well as taking and analyzing photographs.

My photographs are generally unposed and unstaged and make use of natural lighting. In taking them I follow my vision, my instincts – I go by what feels right.

In image processing, on the other hand, I am strictly rational. I contemplate every step, clearly understanding laws of optics, algorithms of image processing software, and characteristics of human perception. This way my knowledge of science contributes to making a material picture close to the image I have in my mind.

My ambitious goal is to make every picture true to nature, and in doing this I often go through a great deal of effort just to create a single image. I invite you to judge the results, but this is the end to which I invest all my energy and knowledge.

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