Artist Statement -

Many times I am asked where ideas come from. There's never been any difficulty with that, because they arose one by one in almost linear fashion. The full idea for a painting would emerge in my mind as a complete mental picture somewhere towards the end of the painting I was working on before. From this, I would jot down a clear thumbnail image and pretty much work from that alone. Looking back on it, it seems to me the subconscious was prompting this process in an effort to build wholeness out of chaos within me. Almost like the process of art itself.

I am in Europe painting writing and working up some 3D stuff. Caio!

Artist Exhibitions

Jan 1990;
Art du Mond, Tokyo, Japan.
March 1990;
Art du Mond, Nagoya,Japan.
May 1990; Art
du Mond, Tokyo, Japan.
June 1990;
Art du Mond, Tokyo, Japan.
Sept. 1990; Metropolis,
Los Angeles, USA.
Nov. 1990;
Japan Expo, Los Angeles,USA.
Nov. 1990; Cabrillo
Plaza, San Pedro, USA.
Feb. 1991; Rim
Rock, Palm Springs, USA.
March 1991
Ocean Images, Santa Monica, USA
April 1991 San
Pedro Art Association, San Pedro,USA.
June 1991; Ports
o' Call, San Pedro, USA.
June1991; Art
du Mond, Tokyo, Japan.
Jan. 1992; Tokyo
Expo, Tokyo, Japan.
May 1992; Logicon
Atrium, San Pedro, USA.
Aug 1992; Global
Arts, Tokyo, Japan.
Jan. 1993; Tokyo
Expo, Tokyo,Japan.
March 1993; Logicon2,
Logicon Atrium, San Pedro, USA.
Oct 1994; Arrowhead
Gallery, Lake Arrowhead, CA, USA.
April 1994; Gallery
Auck, Temecula, CA, USA.
Jan 1995; Coyle
and Coyle, Agua Fria, CA, USA.
1996-present; Sabatical
(experiments with abstract, writing
and web development)
2003; Art Matters. Phoenix AZ.

2004; Art Rewards (online gallery) Phoenix AZ.

2004; Rosensteel Galleries, Scottsdale AZ.

May 2005; LepreCon. Carefree, AZ.

April 2006; Rowan Tree Gallery. El Pedregal, Scottsdale, AZ.

April 2008; Hellerup Kunsthandel, Hellerup, DK.

October 2009; Nielsen's, Taastrup, Denmark.

Artist Publications


Artist Collections

Collection of Paul Ku, California, USA.
Earl of Cawdor, Cawdor Castle, Nairn, Scotland....

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