Artist Statement -

What I want to express in my paintings it’s basically free figuration. I try to make an effort each time more consciously, to make these aspects of my work richer. That is why I use new colors, and mixes that result throughout the creative process.
In most of my background paintings, color and different textures produce depth. The point is to allow the eye of the spectator indagate, in a mysterious way, the places of the artwork. The line, the brushstroke and the stain become a free and careless technique.
Each painting has it’s own construction that goes from the vertical form to the horizontal, to the use of scrapers that gives different dimensions. I use big canvas to feel comfortable playing with live colors in one plane. Sometimes I use some blends and pigments that work as a base to give some intensity, this and a layer of new colors in tonalities that together generate harmony, strength and vibration.
My preference for the use of oil is due to the complete control it gives me to fuse warm and cold colors, and, that it allows me to play with colors that generate a visual effect and produce diverse sensations mixed with the figuration once they have been stumped. Acrylic on the other hand, allows me to create textures that cause more organized, geometric and concise figures, not leaving aside the range of every tonality and the sensuality of every color.

Artist Exhibitions

Bogota, Colombia
1995 Graphic Design, Taller 5 Centro de Diseno, Bogota, Colombia Award-winning thesis
2001 Painting, ITA School of arts, Brazil
2001 Possibilities of installations - Anna Maria Comodo, Brazil Xylography - Dulce Osinski, Brazil
Sculpture on ceramics - Maria Cheung, Brazil Impermanence -Sergio moura, Brazil
Learning arts – Fernando Augusto, Brazil
2002 Workshop “Visions foz de iguazu” - Raul Cordula, Brazil
2003 Workshop 3-dimentional art- Leticia Marquez, Brazil
2008 Abstract painting ” Art Center South Florida, Miami, Fl
2009 Collography -Jose Moya, Miami-Fl
Engraving - Noel Santiesteban, Miami, Fl
Linoleum - Ernesto Capdevila, Miami, Fl
2010 Tutoring Oil painting – Leonel Matheu, Miami, Fl
2011 IDEAS solo exhibition
Miami Dade College, West campus, Miami, Fl
Alma Art Gallery, Wynwood, Miami, Fl 2009 “Cita con angeles” Renne Gallery, Miami, Fl
2020 Art space MAGQ Gallery, Miami, Fl
Seventh annual Miami Dade County celebrates the art “Sister Cities”, Miami, Fl Davinci’s Gallery “Small works, Big Idea Vol I”, Miami, Fl
“Independencia de Peru” exhibition, Miami, Fl
Santiensteban Print Schmidt Exhibition, Miami, Fl
World Art Gallery – Key West, Fl
“Uncovered” Miami Dade College West campus, Miami, Fl
“Doral Square Project” MDC – Miami, Fl
Santiensteban Print Schmidt grand Opening, Miami, Fl
2008 Art Center, South Beach- Miami, Fl Armory Art Gallery, West Palm Beach, Fl
Doral Art Festival, - Miami, Fl
2006 “Panama es Vida” School of arts, Panama
2005 Continental Hotel, Panama
2003 “Monjolo arte” Monjolo School, Brazil
2002 “4a muestra de la mujer Iguacense”, Cultural Fundation, Brazil
“Formacion del agente productor cultural” Fundacion Cultural, Brazil “1ra. Muestra de arte 34o. BlMtz”. 34 Batallon de infanteria Motorizado, Brazil
Unioetse University Brazil
2001 Solo exhibition Daniel’s Restaurant , Brazil ACAPI Visual artist asociation, Brazil
“1er. Salon de artes de la Marina”, capitania Fluvial de Parana, Brazil...

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