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It began with a Goddess. At sixteen years old, I became fascinated with a National Geographic clipping of Venus de Milo. Researching the sculpture led to the discovery of a wondrous world of art from a time period that I had previously known little about. Needless to say, my romantic self became smitten with classical based art and subject matter. I found myself drawn to the romantic and tragic mythologies and historic accounts of the Greeks and Romans. I began to incorporate classical subject matter into my artwork, and my paintings soon became dominated by the figure as a subject.

While attending the University of British Columbia Okanagan to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, I was encouraged to produce abstract and conceptual artwork. I struggled with the conflicting desire to please my professors and to remain loyal to the type of artwork that I felt passionate about producing. I focused on learning different techniques and mediums such as graphic design, installation sculpture, and abstract representation. I attended the University of Victoria and obtained a Teaching Certificate, after which I took a contract in London, England, teaching Secondary School Visual Arts.

Life in London began to rekindle my spark of creativity. I was continuously surrounded by aesthetically beautiful masterpieces, from paintings and sculptures, to architectural structures. Seeing live the works of master artists, such as Delacriox, da Vinci and Michelangelo, empowered my passion to create the artwork that I loved.

I returned to Canada with the desire to establish myself as the type of artist that I chose to be. I returned to painting in acrylics on canvas, concentrating on portraiture and the personification of allegories. As my study of historical artists continued, I began to reference Pre-Raphaelite subject matter. My paintings took on a more narrative, illustrative display of the figure based on classical literature of Alfred Lord Tennyson, Alfred Noyes, and William Shakespeare. I became involved in the Society of Creative Anachronism, which allowed for a range of models appropriate to the historic timeframes that I chose to depict.

I also began to appreciate the beauty of images of architecture that I had collected in England, Scotland, France and Spain. Along with my ever-loved figurative and portrait paintings, I began to paint the stylized architecture as an expression of classicism. True to my idealistic portrayal of the figure and the natural world, my portrayal of architecture remained stylized and illustrative, experimenting with the use of line and selective solid blacks to accentuate the image.

There is something to be said about the great Masters of times past. They are remembered and admired for the beauty and awe that their works continue to bestow upon its viewers, hundreds of years later. I intend for my artwork to pay tribute to these creations that have touched my life, empowering myself as a willful individual, and a hopeless romantic.

Artist Exhibitions

Dani Lachuk's original paintings and prints are currently displayed at:

Shop The Valley
1551 Ellis St.
Kelowna, BC

Robert's Custom Framers
559 Lawrence Ave.
Kelowna, BC


2009 August 7-28, 2009 "Modern Renaissance" Exhibition, ALFA Guild Gallery, Nakusp, BC

2004 BFA Traveling Exhibition, numerous galleries throughout BC, Canada

2004 Eclectic Art Tricks, University of British Columbia Okanagan Gallery,
Kelowna, BC, Canada

2002 Observations, University of British Columbia Okanagan Gallery, Kelowna,
BC, Canada

2001 Chairs, University of British Columbia Okanagan Gallery, Kelowna, BC,

2001 Valley 2000, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC, Canada
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2000 Graduating Exhibition, Vernon Art Gallery, Vernon, BC, Canada

Artist Publications

Arrow Lakes News:
ALFA Guild lineup for 2009 announced with final show by Dani Lachuk

By Lori Benjamin - Arrow Lakes News

Published: April 07, 2009 7:00 AM

Arrow Lakes Fine Arts Guild elected their 2009 Executive at the AGM Sunday, February 15. President is Denyse Marshall; Vice President, Sharon Maxfield; Secretary/Treasurer, Holly Woods; Directors Kate Tupper, Bouk Elzinga, and Betty Fahlman. The Silent Auction coordinator is Holly Woods, Gallery Sitting Coordinator, Kate Tupper; Arrow Lakes Arts Council Representative, Marilyn Boxwell. Exhibition/Opening Night coordinators, Selection Committee, Hanging Committee, and Phoning Committee volunteers have been appointed.

“We look forward to an exciting season,” says president Denyse Marshall. “We are very pleased to be located at Selkirk College again this year. We will be maintaining a members room, which will allow us to expand our exhibits of work by local artists, and we have a superb program of feature exhibits scheduled.”

The gallery opens to the public June 3. Artist Barbara Maye will present an interactive show featuring her naturalistic sculptures. Informative, educational and thought-provoking, this show promises to be of interest to all ages. Running concurrently, in the members room, will be an exhibit of art by students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Coordinators Brenda McQuair and Chris Dixon together with Elementary Schools Vice Principal Sally McClean, encourage the public to come out and view the extraordinary works created by these young people. The show ends June 21.

From June 24 to July 4, the feature exhibit will be photography by Lee Orr. Lee’s work encompasses a vast range of subjects and techniques. His traditional and computer enhanced images will appeal to a wide audience. The member’s room will present the work of local artists. This portion will be an evolving show, as the art will be rotated as pieces are sold and new submissions received.

July 15 to August 2 will feature the ever popular Local Focus and Silent Auction. This event has proved highly successful in the past, and is a huge hit with the tourist population. Residents are encouraged to attend early and often in order to view the exhibits and place their bids.

The final show will be an extravaganza of sumptuous paintings by artist Dani Lachuk. Her museum quality portraiture and architectural works are not to be missed. While the influence of various masters is evident in Dani’s paintings, her treatments are highly original and unique. Again, the members room will continue to feature a variety of exhibits by local artists.

“ALFA Guild Gallery is definitely gaining recognition,” assures Marshall. We have been featured in the prestigious ARTiculate magazine’s spring issue and in RV World. Our reputation is growing and is drawing attention and visitors, which is of great benefit both to the artists and to our village. We’re proud of our accomplishments to date, and are very grateful to Selkirk College and to all the support we receive from the village and surrounding areas. We have such a wealth of talent here; it is encouraging to see the appreciation grow.”

For further information on ALFA Guild Gallery, please contact

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